10 Things to do in Birmingham in the Summer holidays with kids

10 Things to do in Birmingham in the Summer holidays with kids

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Birmingham is such a vast city and one place that many people consider visiting. However, it can also be a city that you live close by to or within, but never really enjoyed what was on offer locally. There is so much on offer in Birmingham. One of the largest cities in the UK, it is the jewel in The Midlands.

Things to do in Birmingham in the Summer holidays with kids

The summer holidays mean you have the kids at home, so you may be looking for things to do either locally to you in Birmingham or while you might be visiting the area for a weekend away or as a stop-off point to other destinations. So here are 10 things to do in Birmingham in the Summer holidays with kids. 

Birmingham, UK

National Sea Life Centre 

The National Sea Life Centre is a must-see attraction in Birmingham. An indoor attraction making it ideal if the weather isn’t so great, you can explore underwater habitats and witness some of the world’s exotic fish and sea life. Some of the highlights here include the shark lagoon, the reef area, and your chance to get up close with some of the creatures in the rock pool area. You could also look out for the psychic sea otters and even find an octopus in one of the areas. It is a great thing to do with the kids and they will be captivated from start to finish. 

Legoland Discovery Centre

If you have any lego fans then you have to head to Legoland Discovery Centre. They have special exhibitions every year showcasing everything to do with lego, for example, the Ninjago series and characters. You can explore the different areas, have a go at building yourself, and take a step into a virtual world and bring it all to life. Legoland is great for Lego fans, but even the kids and adults who don’t show much interest will still enjoy the colourful displays and a chance to get hands-on. 

Thinktank Birmingham Sciene Museum 

There is something for everyone at Thinktank Birmingham Science Museum. It has you covered when it comes to activities during any of the school holidays, and the exhibits are fun and interactive. Kids can have fun in “Mini Brum” which is Thinktanks mini interactive city where the kids are in charge. However, there are also many other things to do including the 4k planetarium where you can learn all about space. Museums are always reasonably priced and only often charge you for one-off exhibits so it can be a great option for the summer holidays when you want something a little different to do with the kids. 

Birmingham, UK

Teamworks Karting 

For any adrenalin seeking children in the family, you have Teamworks Karting. An indoor go-karting facility where you can all jump in one of the karts and race around the track. This is one for families with older kids but is certainly a fun afternoon or morning out if you wanted to keep older ones happy. 

Birmingham Botanical Gardens 

If you wanted something a little more relaxing then head to Birmingham Botanical Gardens. Here you have incredible gardens and open spaces where you can walk around and the four glass houses that are showcasing exotic plants from all over the world. There is also an epic playground for the children to enjoy, a lovely tearoom and a garden gift shop as well. There is something for everyone at the Botanical gardens and on a nice day, it can be a great day out for the family and kids. 

Treetop Adventure Golf 

If you were hoping for something indoors again as the weather can often be unpredictable, then a great activity and attraction is Treetop Adventure Golf. This is an indoor crazy golf course where you can have fun trying to get the most points. Perfect for kids of all ages, although younger children might have difficulty using the golf clubs. They do have smaller versions and booking will be required but it is a fun day out for the whole family. 

Cannon Hill Park

Cannon Hill Park is a great option to consider when it comes to a day out with the kids. With plenty of open spaces perfect for a kickabout or a picnic, there is also a great playground with a theme park dedicated to 2-10 year olds. It is also home to the Midlands Art Centre with lots to do and a lovely cafe for you to enjoy. 

Library of Birmingham, Broad Street, Birmingham, UK

Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park 

Next door to Cannon Hill Park is Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park. This is on the site that used to be the zoo, but this place is still open to the public where you can enjoy looking at some of the animals on-site including red pandas, lemurs, meerkats and wallabies. There is also a cafe there with a small soft play area. A lovely day out that kids of all ages will enjoy. 

Birmingham Museum and Gallery

You can’t go wrong with museums and Birmingham Museum and Gallery is a great location to visit. There are plenty of exhibits to walk around and enjoy and the museum usually has different activities and events running throughout the school holiday periods. It also is open seven days a week and has beautiful Edwardian tea rooms to enjoy during your visit. One of the recent exhibitions “Unprecedented times” is a reminder of all we have been through during the Covid pandemic and is a great one for reflection. 

Cadbury World

Who doesn’t love chocolate? So why not head to the place where everything Cadbury happens at Cadbury World? Here you will learn how some of your favourite Cadbury creations are created. You can play in virtual chocolate rain, and enjoy a treat that you put into the warm melted dairy milk chocolate pot, before taking a trip on the “Cadabra” ride. A great day out for the whole family with lots to see and do during your visit. 

So there you have it, 10 things to do in Birmingham in the summer holidays with kids.

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