10 Things To Do In Las Vegas, Nevada

10 Things To Do In Las Vegas, Nevada

There are good reasons why 37 million people a year come to see what Las Vegas has to offer, making this glittery city one of the most visited in the world. While gambling is undoubtedly Las Vegas’ trademark, one should never doubt that there are many other things to do and see while visiting this neon-lit city. Here is a billboard of the best ten.

Things to do in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, often known simply as Vegas, is the 26th-most populous city in the United States, the most populous city in the state of Nevada, and the county seat of Clark County. The city anchors the Las Vegas Valley metropolitan area and is the largest city within the greater Mojave Desert. Las Vegas is an internationally renowned major resort city, known primarily for its gambling, shopping, fine dining, entertainment, and nightlife. The Las Vegas Valley as a whole serves as the leading financial, commercial, and cultural centre for Nevada.

Things To Do In Las Vegas, Nevada

The Fountains At Bellagio

Considered one the most extravagant of its sort ever conceived, this water show swayed 1,200 individual water streams at different tempi and in every possible direction and height. The finale propels the fountains as high as 240 feet, a feast for the eyes. The show takes place on a 9-acre artificial lake adorning the chic Bellagio Hotel. From Pavarotti to Sinatra, the music for the choreographed waters can be as different as the show itself.

The Conservatory And Botanical Gardens

Once again, the fabulous Bellagio is the host of a unique attraction in Vegas. Right behind its lobby – whose ceiling features the glasswork of American artist Dave Chihuly – one steps into the breathtaking themed gardens. Designers draw their inspiration from a season, an event, or a holiday to create a soothing environment that displays an incredible mix of colourful and sweet-smelling flowers and plants, most exotic and rare. It is an enclave where many beauties of the world blend to offer an extraordinary background for pictures. The botanical gardens are open all the time and it is free to visit.

Cirque Du Soleil

With four permanent shows and a fifth on the making, Cirque du Soleil should be part of any itinerary of those visiting Las Vegas. Privately owned by a Montreal company, it has redefined what circus means. No animals, no rings, but stunning acrobats, gymnasts and contortionists. It brings out the limits of the human body. The costumes are hand-sewn, shaping perfect bodies into colourful-print Lycras. Every show displays an imagination beyond grasping. Reservations should be made 3 to 4 months in advance. Yes! It is that popular.

Things To Do In Las Vegas, Nevada

The Eiffel Tower Experience

Have you ever dreamed to go to Paris but never made it? In Las Vegas, you can get a taste of it by climbing (by elevator, of course!) the half-size replica of the original Eiffel Tower. Now 460 feet above ground level, you will enjoy a panoramic view of the valley. The best time to go if you are visiting between December and March is the day after a rain shower; the sky is then crystal clear. On the 11th floor, you can lunch or dine while sitting above the Strip.


When a city is surrounded by more than 30 golf clubs, it undoubtedly qualifies as a paradise for those adept at the sport. Public and private courses, designed by the great Palmer and the like, are located just about everywhere. The price range varies from affordable to very expensive and the concierge at your lodging accommodation will help you make the right choice, according to your budget and level of play. You can get a good deal by purchasing a golf package, which includes a hotel stay.

The Strip

Where else in the world can you get a taste of New York, Paris, or Venice without even being there? Where else in the world can you get a feel of the Medieval era, come nose to nose with the Sphinx, or walk through a lush tropical forest? Las Vegas Boulevard, hosting all the big hotels, stretches about 3 miles long and is better known as The Strip.

To really immerse yourself in Las Vegas and grasp its megalomania, you need to browse as many hotel lobbies and premises as you can. Most of them feature a theme and no expense has been spared to try to dazzle the tourist. Because every building is huge, the eye gets easily fooled into thinking that the distance between each one is short. But that is just another Vegas illusion. So, dress your feet accordingly.

The Rosewood Grille

One exquisite dining experience that Las Vegas offers is the Rosewood Grille, where one can feast on Maine lobster. Some crustaceans are as big as 17 pounds and that is no typo mistake! Located on the Strip next door to the giant MGM, the menu features lobster, other seafood and a selection of steaks. A lengthy wine list offers variety. The dĂ©cor is sober, featuring a well-balanced nautical theme. The Las Vegas location is the only one in the world, making your visit at the Rosewood Grille totally exclusive. But good lobster doesn’t come cheap, so be ready to pay a few hundred dollars for two.

Things To Do In Las Vegas, Nevada

The Rides At The Stratosphere

The Stratosphere Tower, shaped like a big needle, is the highest building in town (short a foot of 1,150 feet high), which makes it a great observation platform. It also offers three rides that thrill-seekers can choose from. With names like X Scream, Big Shot and High Roller (roller coaster), it is guaranteed to give you electrifying sensations! Different price packages are offered.

Adventuredome Theme Park

If you are travelling with children or you still feel like one, the Adventuredome Theme Park is one place you must visit. The indoor park hosts five acres of rides (for children, family and more spicy ones for adults only), mountain climbing, bungee jumping, an arcade, clown shows (free), and simulators of all kinds. It’s noisy and busy, but the ambience is outstanding and your kids will have an unforgettable time. It is open daily, although hours vary.


Gambling is the backbone of Vegas, and casinos are simply, well, everywhere. But there is no need to be a high roller to enjoy gambling. Because of fierce competition, casinos are all equipped with themed penny slot machines with fun interactive plays. There is simply one rule that prevails when it comes to gambling: set an amount and stick to it. Treat it as a vacation expense. That way you won’t feel sad if you lose a few twenties.

Las Vegas, undoubtedly, is a city of extravagance. When one sets foot on the ground, time stops and fantasy begins.

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