10 Things To Do In Lexington, Kentucky

April 2, 2024

Lexington is a city in Kentucky, United States that is the county seat of Fayette County. By population, it is the second-largest city in Kentucky and 59th-largest city in the United States. By land area, it is the country’s 28th-largest city. The city is also known as “Horse Capital of the World”. It is within the state’s Bluegrass region. As of the 2020 census the population was 322,570, anchoring a metropolitan area of 516,811 people and a combined statistical area of 747,919 people. Lexington is consolidated entirely within Fayette County, and vice versa

10 Things To Do In Richmond, Virginia

March 26, 2024

Richmond is the capital of the Commonwealth of Virginia in the United States. It has a rich history, being one of the oldest cities in America, and was a key player in both the American Revolution and the Civil War. Today, Richmond is a vibrant city with a thriving arts and culture scene, delicious food, and beautiful parks. It is also home to many universities and businesses. When planning a trip to beautiful and historic Richmond, Virginia, be sure to include some of these fabulous stops on your trip. You’ll be sure to have a great time with a little something for everyone.

10 Things To Do In Boston, Massachusetts

March 5, 2024

You are about to embark on a travel adventure to Boston with your family, including your kids. Don’t panic. Boston is full of wonderful attractions that cater to adults and kids alike. Boston is considered one of the most historical cities in the United States, so why not let your kids get a little history lesson while they enjoy themselves at the following attractions?

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