10 Things to do in Cardiff in the Summer holidays with kids

10 Things to do in Cardiff in the Summer holidays with kids

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Cardiff is the capital of Wales and is a bustling city filled with lots of things to see and do. With a variety of shops, bars and restaurants it has a lot to offer for families who live within the city, close by, or happen to be visiting for a few days.

Things to do in Cardiff in the Summer holidays with kids

Cardiff is on the water, so it not only gives you the chance to experience that coastal air, but the city itself has a lot to offer. So I wanted to share with you 10 things to do in Cardiff in the Summer holidays with kids. 

10 Things to do in Cardiff in the Summer holidays with kids

Cardiff Castle 

Who doesn’t love visiting a castle? Cardiff has an epic castle within the city and it is one of the best landmarks and historical sites in Wales. It is a medieval and Victorian gothic mansion so you can imagine there is a lot to see and do as you explore the rooms and the surrounding grounds. Cardiff Castle often has events taking place so it is always a good idea to check the website to see if there are any events planned. 

National Museum Cardiff

A museum is always a great place to take the kids during the summer holidays. It can be a very budget-friendly day out as it is free to enter, although be aware that some exhibits that are only there for a short while may have a charge applied. The exhibits are full of history, science and technology information, as well as having things that the kids can get involved in. The museum has plenty going on during the summer holidays that get the kids involved and learning too. A great way to spend some time if the weather isn’t too great. 

St Fagans National Museum of History 

This is another museum suggestion but one that could make a great day out as it is a little more unique than the standard museum you may have visited before. This is an open-air museum which chronicles the historical lifestyle, culture and architecture of the Welsh people. Like with the National Museum St Fagans National Museum of History will have a whole host of things for the children to do during their visit. 

10 Things to do in Cardiff in the Summer holidays with kids - Cardiff Bay

Cardiff Bay

Cardiff Bay is a great place to visit and perfect for families. There are lots of attractions and things to do while you are there but there are also plenty of shops and restaurants to enjoy. If you were hoping to find a b=place with a bit of buss about it then Cardiff Bay is the place to go. Check out the website before you visit as there are often one-off events taking place so you could plan your trip accordingly. You will also find a cinema and other usual family-fun activities to enjoy while you are there.

The Wales Millennium Centre

Another great place to visit if you were hoping to see something exciting. There are usually performances that take place at the Wales Millennium Centre, so always check online first before you head there. You can also enjoy many activities to do with art and being creative, so if that family love anything to do with that then it is a great thing to do together. 

Parc Play

Kids just love to play, so if you were hoping to find somewhere that would suit young children and toddlers right through to the older ones then Parc Play is the place to go. Filled with indoor and outdoor play areas with toddler swings right through to zip lines there really is something for everyone here. There is a small entry fee but it is worth it. You do need to book in advance so make sure you check out the website first. You will also find an on-site cafe so you can grab a drink and something to eat while you are there. A great all-weather activity for the kids to enjoy. 

Cardiff Sea Safaris

Why not jump on one of the Cardiff Sea Safaris while you are in Cardiff? It is the ultimate powerboat experience and one the whole family will enjoy. You can enjoy different tours or you can use the boats as a ferry to Flat Hom Island. More on that later. The Cardiff Sea Safaris are one of the most recommended attractions in Cardiff, so it is definitely worth doing during your time in the city. 

10 Things to do in Cardiff in the Summer holidays with kids

Flat Holm Island

As mentioned earlier, you can also utilise the Cardiff Sea Safaris as a passage to Flat Holm Island, a small little island off the coast of Cardiff and it is rich in wildlife and history. A calm place to visit outside of the busy city centre, it feels remote and isolated, yet is only a short boat ride away. You can enjoy walking there, having a picnic and admiring the views. A lovely thing to do with the family during your time in Cardiff. 

Roath Park 

Roath Park is one of Cardiff’s most popular parks and is a great place to visit if you were hoping to find something simple and fun to do with the family. There is a lake to walk around, wooded areas, play areas and plenty of open green spaces to enjoy. You can take a picnic with you, enjoy some quiet time, but still have something to do with the children that will be budget-friendly and perfect on a warm summer’s day. 


Finally, if your kids love anything to do with space exploration and science then head to Techniquest. There are plenty of things to see and experience here, and perfect for any budding scientists or astronauts. You can learn a lot during your visit and with lots of hands-on things to enjoy the kids will get a lot out of the day. There are always events taking place so check out the website beforehand where you can also book your admission tickets. 

Hopefully, this has given you plenty to think about when it comes to finding things to do in Cardiff in the Summer holidays with kids.

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