9 Amazing & Fun Things To Do In Finland

9 Amazing & Fun Things To Do In Finland

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Finland is known as a peaceful, beautiful country in Scandinavia The quiet land has a vast expanse of forests and lakes. Travellers who choose to vacation in Finland find a lovely, peaceful land.

The United Nations, UNESCO, has developed and maintained a list of significant places in the world, known as the World Heritage List, which is selected by a committee. Of the 851 worldwide properties selected by the World Heritage List for their outstanding universal value, six are in Finland Following are the outstanding significant historic places in Finland.

Travellers can enjoy seeing outstanding historic sights when vacationing in Finland. Travel to Finland can be rewarding and educational with some of these sights on the vacation itinerary.

Visiting Finland: Things to do and explore

Amazing & Fun Things To Do In Finland

Fortress of Suomenlinna

The fortress was built in the second half of the 18th century on a group of the island of Helsinki’s harbour. The fortress was selected as an interesting example of European military architecture of the 18th century. In 1747 Finland was part of the Swedish realm.

The fortress was built to serve as the main base for the armed forces in Finland. Construction of the fortress began in 1748 and was one of the biggest building projects ever undertaken by the Kingdom of Sweden. Originally the fortress was called Sveaborg, but the name was changed to the Finnish Suomenlinna (Castle of Finland) in 1917.

Old Rauma, Region of Satakunta, Province of Western Finland

Rauma is located on the Gulf of Botnia and is one of Finland’s oldest harbours. The harbour was built around a Franciscan monastery. The 15th-century Holy Cross Church is still standing. Selected as an outstanding example of an old Nordic city that is constructed of wood. Rauma was founded in 1442. Today Rauma is an idyllic seaside town rich in culture. Old Rauma is in the heart of town. Old Rauma is the largest preserved medieval wooden town in the Nordic region.

Petajavesi Old Church, Western Finland

The structure was built of logs between 1763 and 1765. The Lutheran country church was selected as an example of a typical architectural tradition unique to eastern Scandinavia. The church has a bell tower that was built by the grandson of the original builder. In 1879 a new church was built, but the old church is still used for worship on summer Sundays and is a favourite location for weddings.

Amazing & Fun Things To Do In Finland

Verla Groundwood and Board Mill, Southern Finland

Well-preserved small-scale rural industrial settlement. The mill is associated with pulp, paper, and board production. There is only a handful of surviving settlements of their type in northern Europe and North America. Verla was selected for The World Heritage List as an outstanding and remarkable well-preserved example of a small-scale rural industrial settlement.

The museum in the idyllic mill village of Verla is surrounded by lakes and forests. The well-preserved mill gives a picture of the early history of the Finnish forest industry. The Mill museum has been left as it was when the mill was still running.

The main machines and equipment are all still there for visitors to see and touch. The Verla Mill complex includes a Groundwood and board mill, drying loft, mill store, bale store, owner’s residence, bowline pavilion, fire fighting shed, sawmill, manure shed, machine room, store, stable, a power plant in the 1920s, a power plant in the 1950s, sauna, laundry, and old flower mill.

Bronze Age Burial Site of Sammallahdenmaki, Western Finland

Over 30 granite burial cairns provide insight into the funerary practices, social structures, and religious structures of northern Europe over three millennia ago.

Kvarken Archipelago / High Coast

Located on the west shore of the Gulf of Bothnia is the northern extension of the Baltic Sea. The region was formed by glaciers, leaving a series of lakes, inlets, and flat hills. The High Coast is an outstanding opportunity to understand the processes that formed the glaciated and land uplift area of the Earth’s surface. The Kvarken Archipelago consists of 5,600 islands.

Finland is a country of contrasts, with beautiful nature. The country is ideal for cycling tours. The roads are mostly flat with some gently rolling hills. Away from the main routes, there’s little traffic. The scenery varies from lakes and forests to peaceful farmland and small villages. Your heart will be left on these roads.

Amazing & Fun Things To Do In Finland

Nature Is Virtually Untouched Here

If you go to the northern parts of the country you will find large, empty spaces. Nature is virtually untouched here. During the summer months, there is the Midnight sun- the sun does not set for months. Even a little south, it does not really get dark at night.

This makes people happy and relaxed, they seem to live more during the lighter season. Many spend the summer days picking berries in the forests- it is free for anybody, as long as you respect nature and people’s property. Lingonberries, cloud-berries, bilberries- there is plenty of it. If you like fishing, this is paradise. Both in the lakes and the sea, fishing is easily available.


Helsinki is the capital of Finland and has a bit over 500 000 inhabitants. Helsinki was the official European City of Culture. This city is a good example of the mixture of East and West in Finland. People are really friendly, and there is a lot to see and do. When you get tired, there are several big, lush parks. Helsinki is surrounded by the sea, and the archipelago is truly beautiful. There are small cruises available, some including lunch or dinner, to visit this unique place.


Turku (Abo in Swedish) is Finland’s oldest city, since the 13th century. It is also a port city, where millions of people pass through each year, coming with the big ferries from Sweden and Aland. One of the attractions here is the Luostarinmaki Museum, which is made up of the only surviving 18th-century area of this medieval town – Turku has been razed by fire 30 times – and all the buildings are still in their original locations. Here, you can see handicrafts from bygone times, there are guided tours in English, or have a coffee in one of the cafes. Like many other parts of Finland, life is low-key and relaxing.

Amazing & Fun Things To Do In Finland

Final Thoughts

Most people feel that Finland is at its best during the summer. In the winter, the temperature drops quite low. For winter sports and ice-fishing this is great, but to really experience the country, it is easier during the warmer period. Finland is a truly beautiful country, full of wonderful nature. But it is also a place to meet people, as well as a different kind of culture. A great way to get to know the Finns is to join them for a sauna, another unique experience.

Vacation in Finland can be rewarding and educational when some of these sights are on the travel itinerary.

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