10 Things To Do In Boston, Massachusetts

You are about to embark on a travel adventure to Boston with your family, including your kids. Don’t panic. Boston is full of wonderful attractions that cater to adults and kids alike. Boston is considered one of the most historical cities in the United States, so why not let your kids get a little history lesson while they enjoy themselves at the following attractions?

10 Things To Do In Fort Myers, Florida

Welcome to the City of Palms. That’s the famous slogan in this beautiful southwestern Florida city. Perhaps not as well known as Central Florida’s theme parks or the east coast’s popular sun and surf spots, the city of Fort Myers offers something for everyone. In fact, there is so much to do in Fort Myers, that narrowing a list down to the top ten choices was no easy feat!

10 Things To Do In Amsterdam, Netherlands

Often lost amongst Amsterdam’s reputation as an anything goes type of city, is the tremendous culture and history of one of the world’s most vibrant and unique cities. Beyond the infamous Red Light District and coffee shops lay some of Europe’s finest artistic and historical treasures.

10 Things To Do In Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Whether you prefer spending your vacation indoors or out, there’s always an activity – from skiing to fishing and go-karting – to keep on the shady side of the summer. When Glenn Frey belted out his cult ’80s classic The Heat is On, his lyrics – ‘on the street, inside your head’ – was a spot-on description of what most residents feel about Dubai’s most extreme season. So to cool off, here are some of the best summer busting activities.

10 Things To Do In Cairo, Egypt

For thousands of years Egypt has allured travellers from the world over. The centre of this ancient civilization is the city of Cairo. With over fifteen million inhabitants, Cairo is the largest city on the African continent and it can be an assault on the senses. With its heat, choking traffic jams and dusty streets it can be hard for first-time visitors to get accustomed to walking around, let alone make sense of the chaos.

10 Things To Do In Kansas City, Missouri

Tell people you’re going to Kansas City, and you’re likely to hear a lot of jokes about tornadoes and munchkins. And sure, those of us who live in Kansas City are proud of our Wizard of Oz connection. But we also know that our city has much more to offer than Dorothy and Toto. If you have a day or two to spend in Kansas City, this list of things to do should keep you busy and entertained from morning until night.

10 Things To Do In Madrid, Spain

Madrid, steeped in tradition and history, yet at the same time modern, is an exciting place to visit. Relive the times of kings and court artists in one of Madrid’s many museums; Sample the spicy, complex Spanish cuisine; sip a glass of Sherry at a corner cafe Madrid has something for every taste. Here are the top ten things to do in Madrid: