Your Summer Holiday Essentials Checklist

Your Summer Holiday Essentials Checklist

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Sometimes we just can’t wait to enjoy a summer holiday, or any holiday for that matter.  We work hard to enjoy the time that we get to spend with the special people in our lives and a holiday is a great way to do it. Lovely cocktails, sunset walks and white sandy beaches. It’s the stuff of dreams. Especially as we can’t always brunette the weather. 

However, it may be something that you might be planning for soon. Jumping on a plane, packing up your car for a staycation and getting in holiday mode. But what can you do to ensure that you enjoy your time away? Making sure you don’t forget anything you might possibly need is a good place to start.

While most places will have shops and places to get some of the things you might forget, I thought I would share with you some of the summer holiday essentials that need to be packed for your next holiday. Helping you to get off to a cracking start. 

What essentials to pack for your summer holiday

What essentials to pack for your summer holiday


I suppose sunscreen may be quite obvious but a summer holiday normally involves the sun. So it’s essential to be safe and wear the highest factor of sunscreen available. It’s a good idea to take a few factor types away with you. Starting off high for the first few days. The best thing to remember is sunscreen doesn’t stop you from getting a holiday glow; it’s just the amount of time you can stay in the sun for. The more protection you have the date you are to the UV Rays. 

Sunglasses and a sun hat

While you protect your skin with sunscreen, you must also use sunglasses to protect your eyes and a sun hat to protect your head. The bright light of the sun makes seeing difficult anyway so shades are always advisable. The sun hat will protect the top of your head from burning. The skin you just can’t get to with sunscreen. You can get some really fashionable statement hats these days. So don’t be afraid to go for something a little different. 

What essentials to pack for your summer holiday

Dresses and skirts

It’s always nice to pack some new clothes. So if you have a holiday in mind, it’s great to head out to the shops and pick some pieces specifically for it. Things like skirts and dresses will be a welcome choice. A simple maxi dress can look amazing during the day or dressed up for an evening. Skirts can be short or long. Just go with what you feel comfortable in. 

Vest tops  

It’s essential to keep cool on holiday, so vest tops are a basic essential. These days you can pick some great ones up for reasonable prices. Picking a few different ones in all sorts of colours will go with any skirt you pack. 


You might also want to consider packing some shorts. They can be such an easy thing to put on during the day over the top of your swimsuit or bikini. Shorts are easily worn with vest tops so that you can enjoy time at the beach or by the pool, but then be able to be covered up sufficiently to head to a bar or out for lunch. You can also get some smarter shorts that are a great alternative to wear in the evening. 

What essentials to pack for your summer holiday

Bikini or a swimsuit

A summer holiday wouldn’t be complete without a new bikini or swimsuit. There are some amazing styles to choose from. They can be as revealing or as covered up as you want them to be. A nice cover-up to go with it would be a lovely addition. Many people feel a little self-conscious in swimwear, and if that is you take some time to find the ideal option that fits and makes you feel fabulous. It is worth it to invest so that you can spend your time worrying about what you are going to be doing and not how you look. 

Sensible shoes

The last thing to pack would be sensible shoes. It’s all well, and good wanting to take your heels but the likelihood is that you won’t wear them as much as those comfortable sandals. The paths and roads may not be as even to walk on. If you are staying where there is some walking required, then you will be thankful for those comfortable shoes. Think sensibly. You want to enjoy your holiday and not be hobbling about. 

I hope these essentials help you when the time comes to pack for your next holiday. 

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