10 Things to do in The Cotswolds in the Summer holidays with kids

10 Things to do in The Cotswolds in the Summer holidays with kids

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The Cotswolds is one of those locations that is just full of wonder. Covering over 800 square miles, there is not only a few different English counties but also many villages, market towns, and buzzing cities to explore. The Cotswolds is a place that you can enjoy for a day out if you are local, a weekend away, or even your annual holiday, which many people are choosing to do this year.

Things to do in The Cotswolds in the Summer holidays with kids

If you are local or planning to visit The Cotswolds then here are 10 things to do there in the summer holidays with kids. 

10 Things to do in The Cotswolds in the Summer holidays with kids - Blenheim Palace

Blenheim Palace

When it comes to things to do with kids some families love to know the history and a little more about things. The Cotswolds have much to offer when it comes to historical houses, monuments, and museums. Blenheim Palace in Woodstock is one of the ones that you need to visit. A fantastic palace which is rich in Tudor history. Not only does it have a historical building but plenty of gardens to explore. It really is a wonderful location to visit and the children will love the gardens and the beautiful palace. 

Broadway Tower

Another historical location in The Cotswolds is Broadway Tower in Broadway. William Morris used this tower as a viewpoint if you are interested in history but it also gives spectacular views for you to enjoy. A great place to visit with family and the kids will love exploring the grounds and climbing the tower. 

Sudeley Castle and Gardens

When looking for things to do with the family you can’t go wrong with a visit to a castle and Sudeley Castle and Gardens in Winchcombe near Cheltenham is one of the best in the area. Medieval ruins and amazing gardens waiting for you to experience the kids will love exploring the grounds. It is one for a nice day so that you can truly experience the beautiful surroundings. Check out the website to see if there are any special events taking place when you plan to visit. 

10 Things to do in The Cotswolds in the Summer holidays with kids - Cotswold Lavender

Tolsey Museum 

There are so many exhibits here that date back many years focusing on trades so it is definitely a great place to visit if you are looking to learn a little more about past history. Tolsey Museum in Burford resides in a Tudor-style building, so not only will you find the inside interesting but there is also a lot to enjoy on the outside as well. 

Adam Henson’s Cotswolds Farm Park

If your holiday is all about family time and entertaining not just you but the children as well, then there are plenty of family activities that you can enjoy as a family. If you have children that love animals then look no further than heading to Adam Henson’s Cotswolds Farm Park. Children can interact up close and personal with some of the animals in the touch barn, or explore the farmland and see some of the other animals enjoying their surroundings. So many things to do and see and perfect for any animal lover. It is always worth looking at the website before you visit as they often hold events during the school holidays. 

Cotswold Lavender

Sometimes it is easier to get out and about with your kids and head somewhere you don’t feel so restricted and Cotswold Lavender is one of the places to visit. The beauty of the lavender fields will give you plenty of options for beautiful pictures and a chance to let off some steam in the meadow. You can enjoy exploring the meadow and understanding a little more about lavender plants. Plus, as you can imagine, the location smells incredible. 

Chavenage Estate

Chavenage Estate is privately owned and is a great location to visit with older children. Based in Wild Carrot you can enjoy two main experiences as well as the grounds to explore. One wheel experience which is an experience to do with snowboarding all year round by using one wheel. You also have the mountain bike experience as well if that is more of interest. You are offered tuition and everything you need to enjoy these experiences during your visit. 

10 Things to do in The Cotswolds in the Summer holidays with kids

Cotswolds Trail Riding

Often you want to experience new things as a family and if you are keen to find out more about The Cotswolds and see the beauty and picturesque sites from a different perspective then look no further than jumping on a horse and experiencing it on horseback. Cotswolds Trail Riding gives you everything that you need to enjoy this experience as a family and try something different during the summer holidays. 

The Cotswold Discovery trail

You can’t go wrong with a walk and exploring something different, but if you prefer to do something guided then The Cotswold Discovery Trail is the one to follow. You can download and pay for the map and it gives you an expert guide on what you can do and enjoy. On this walking trail, you will discover the history and heritage of The Cotswolds. If you don’t want to pay for the map, looking online will help identify many other options that you could consider with varying difficulties or lengths of walks. There is so much to cover that you will find a walking trail to suit you and the family. 

Birdland Park and gardens

Birdland Park and gardens, often just referred to as Birdland is based in Bourton-on-the-water and is a great location to visit with the family. Set in nine acres of parkland you will find picturesque gardens giving you a chance to enjoy nature and see some incredible birds enjoying their surroundings. There are some beautiful different species of birds that you might not usually get to see, and kids will love walking around ad exploring the different habitats created for the birds. This is a great attraction for kids of all ages and can be a more calming thing to do if you are looking for something a little different. 

Hopefully, this has given you plenty of inspiration for some of the things you can do in The Cotswolds in the summer holidays with kids.

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