10 Things To Do In Buffalo, New York

10 Things To Do In Buffalo, New York

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The city of Buffalo is located in Erie County in the state of New York. It is known as the “Queen City of the Lakes”. The city has 37 miles of waterfront, making it an important commercial and industrial port. Buffalo is located on the shores of Lake Erie near the Niagara River. The Niagara River begins near Buffalo and flows north over Niagara Falls.

Things To Do In Buffalo

Buffalo is the birthplace of Buffalo wings, and home to the Buffalo Bills football team and the Buffalo Sabers hockey team. Buffalo is known for its snowy winters. If you are planning a trip to Buffalo any time soon, here is a list of great things to do while you are there.

Rainbow bridge at Niagara Falls, USA
Rainbow bridge at Niagara Falls, USA

Martin’s Fantasy Island

The Martin’s Fantasy Island amusement resort opens in May each year. This park has many activities from which to choose. They offer roller coasters, a Ferris wheel, and a carousel. They also offer a petting zoo, water park, kiddie rides, and miniature golf. The park offers a variety of shows including puppet shows and the Wild West Shoot-out. Food and gift shops can be found all through the park.

Herschel Carrousel Factory Museum

This museum is open to the public from April through December each year. Group tours can be booked any time of the year, even when the museum is closed to the general public. Exhibits in the museum feature two historic carrousels built in North Tonawanda, NY. Admission includes a ride on one of these carousels. The Lockman Collection is a collection of carousel animals from different time periods. The museum also has a children’s section. This section has a small carousel that can be ridden by children only.

Buffalo Zoological Gardens

The Buffalo Zoo was created in 1875 and is the third oldest zoo in the United States. The original purpose of the land was for a deer park. Today the zoo features many animals in their natural habitats including mammals, reptiles, birds, and amphibians. The zoo also features a children’s area where they can interact with some of the animals. The zoo also has an open-air aviary. Concessions and gift shops are available.

10 Things To Do In Buffalo, New York | selective focus photography of giraffe head
Giraffe at Buffalo Zoo, New York

Buffalo City Hall Observation Deck

Located on the 28th floor of Buffalo City Hall, the observation deck is a great place to take in a view of the city of Buffalo. This is the only open-air place in the city where visitors and residents can take in a 360-degree view of the city and its surrounding areas.

Niagara Falls

Located just north of Buffalo, the Falls are a popular tourist stop in Western New York. The falls border the United States and Canada. A great time to visit Niagara Falls is at night when the Falls are lit with beautiful colours. There are many ways to see the falls including the Maiden in the Mist boat ride and the White Water Walk. You can also walk behind the falls for a unique view.

Six Flag at Darien Lake

Six Flags is a popular theme park located just north of Buffalo. Six Flags features the “Superman” roller coaster. The park has a variety of adult thrill rides and water rides. The Looney Toons Seaport is a section of the park just for the kids. This park features live shows such as the Batman Thrill Spectacular and a laser light show. They have games and food throughout the park for the whole family. The park also hosts many concerts and special events.

Buffalo Botanical Gardens

The gardens featured here include the Dinosaur Gardens, the Palm Dome, Rainforest Garden, Desert Garden, and the Orchid Garden. Outside you can stroll through the Shrub Garden and the Bog Garden. There is an area dedicated to interactive learning for children. They offer a variety of workshops and plant sales as well.

10 Things To Do In Buffalo, New York | waterfalls near grey paved road surrounded by green leaf trees during daytime
Niagara Falls, Buffalo, New York

Buffalo Museum of Science

This museum features an exhibit depicting life in ancient Egypt along the Nile River. The James Savage Hall of Zoology features animals, birds, and reptiles. They also offer exhibits featuring insects, wildflowers, dinosaurs, and gems. Camp Wee Explorers offers interactive learning for children. Some activities include crafts, dramatic play, and a gardening area.

Peek and Peak Ski Resort

During the winter months, this resort hosts top-notch skiing, snowboarding, and tubing. If you come here during the warm summer months you can enjoy golf on one of two courses. The PGA makes a stop here also. Restaurants and lodging are available.

Miss Buffalo and Niagara Clipper Cruise

This company offers site-seeing cruises throughout the day and into the evening. Trips sail up Niagara River and around Lake Erie. You can learn about the history of the area or just enjoy the view. They also have dinner, lunch, and themed cruises. You can partake in a Murder Mystery dinner or enjoy a Hawaiian Luau.

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