10 Things To Do In Cozumel, Caribbean

10 Things To Do In Cozumel, Caribbean

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Cozumel came to the attention of foreign tourists when Jacques Cousteau put it on the map as a premier destination for divers. However, this beautiful Caribbean island has much more to offer than diving alone. Here are ten fun and fascinating things to do during your stay in this small sun-soaked city.

Things To Do In Cozumel

Try to maintain an open-minded “travellers” mentality, as opposed to a tourist mentality, and you will have an excellent time exploring Cozumel’s many offerings. Most importantly, bring sunscreen!

Map of Mexico, east coast, Cancun, Cozumel, Isla Mujeres.
Map of Mexico, east coast, Cancun, Cozumel, Isla Mujeres.


With over 100 diving spots, diving is one of the most fascinating things to do in Cozumel. With its crystal clear waters and an abundance of dive instructors and tours, it would be a shame not to take advantage of this opportunity. Did you know that visibility in Cozumel’s waters can be up to 50 meters? Also, Cozumel is considered to be one of the top three diving spots in the entire world.


For those who are not interested in diving, Cozumel also offers many shallower sites that are also appropriate for snorkelling. Guided tours are available for this activity as well. Snorkelers and divers alike will have the opportunity to see unparalleled views of colourful undersea wildlife.

Glass-bottomed boat tour

Another way to see Cozumel’s beautiful underwater scenery is by taking a glass-bottom boat tour. These are available daily and are a great option for people travelling with small children, as the living aquarium beneath their feet entrances them. People even have the option of jumping into the water and swimming with the fish, which are very curious about the boat and arrive in droves of colour.

Part of fishing boat with red buoy against the sea
Part of a fishing boat with a red buoy against the sea, Cozumel

Camping on the beach

Try camping on the beach. The eastern shore has some beautiful, relatively isolated camping spots available. For campers, not many experiences rival pitching a tent on a Caribbean beach. Imagine waking up at dawn and taking a dip in the ocean right away! What a beautiful way to start your day.

Eating fresh seafood

Try eating fresh seafood literally right on the beach at Mezcalito’s Bar and Grill. There is plenty of parking, and you can grab your grub and a cold drink and enjoy the sun. Mezcalito’s is known for its shrimp and delicious icy margaritas. As with the previous activities, be sure to bring your sunscreen! Cozumel also offers many other fine restaurants, and exploring them will be a highlight of your trip.

Deep-sea fishing

Try catching your own seafood by going on a deep-sea fishing excursion. Year-round, you can catch Wahoo, Grouper, Mackerel, Amberjack and Snapper. March through July, you can also cast your line for Blue Marlin, White Marlin, Sailfish and Tuna. Some operators will even combine deep-sea fishing excursions with diving excursions, saving you valuable time if you will only be visiting for a short while.

Rent a scooter

When you are tired of walking and swimming, rent a scooter and zip around town. Cozumel is a colourful town, and soaking in the ambience along with the rays is an excellent way to spend a few hours. Important safety tips: Remember that every other street in Cozumel runs in the opposite direction and wear a helmet at all times. Like most other cities, Cozumel has its share of traffic, and it is best to do this activity only if you are an experienced scooter driver.

Beautiful Cabana surrounded by flowers and ocean

Brush up on your Spanish

Use your time in Cozumel to brush up on your Spanish. There are language schools available that offer flexible schedules, and you can attend classes for part of your day. Who knows, at the end of your stay, you may be ordering your seafood in Spanish! At any rate, it is an excellent way to stay entertained during those days when you feel that you need a break from the sun.

Sunset cruise

Take a romantic sunset cruise on one of Cozumel’s fine sailboats. Typically, you will be served snacks and drinks. What a great way to unwind after a busy day exploring the sea!


Cozumel offers interesting shopping experiences. The Habana Cigar Company offers authentic Cuban cigars. At the same shopping centre, you can stop in at Montezuma and pick up souvenirs for your friends back home, or beach gear that you may have forgotten to bring with you. You can even go shopping for diamonds, tanzanite and other fine jewels at Caribbean Diamonds.

While you are out shopping, stop by Pax, which is self-described as a “museum of musical history, culture and indigenous peoples”. It offers a collection of over 700 musical instruments, some of which are over 2000 years old. Pax also has a gift shop, which carries some very unique items of cultural interest. This museum/shop is definitely worth stopping for. While you are out, don’t forget to stop in the small stores operated by individual merchants.

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