6 smart ways to keep kids entertained on road trips

6 smart ways to keep kids entertained on road trips

If you have been on road trips with kids before, you know how difficult it is to keep them busy throughout the journey! If you don’t do that, they will ask a million questions and complain every five minutes about things. Road trips are already mentally tasking, and kids can make these trips even more difficult. 

But if you know the tricks to keep kids entertained, eight-hour road trips can fly by in a breeze, and you can enjoy them thoroughly. The key is to pick the best games and activities that your kids will love playing during the trip. 

Today, we will discuss some simple yet successful ways to keep your kids entertained on road trips!

Road trips with kids: 6 smart ways to keep kids entertained

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Decide Rest Stops Earlier

Rest stops are the key, especially during long road trips with kids. You need to know when to stop driving for a while and allow kids to let out some energy outside the vehicle. Get some delicious food and spend time without being cooped inside the vehicle. This trick will help kids stay in the car later in the road trip. 

Activity Printables

Luckily, the internet contains the resources you need to make road trips with kids more bearable! Go online and find road trip-themed printables you can print out and give your kids in the car. Kids can colour, solve puzzles, learn their alphabets, and do several other things with these printables. These printables will keep kids entertained for hours and allow you to focus on driving. 

I Spy

No matter how old your kids are, the I spy game is something they can enjoy even during long road trips. It also enables them to learn more about their surroundings instead of focusing on digital devices, which is nice. Though this is an educational game, it’s super entertaining, and kids will never get bored of spotting new things outside the window and talking about them. 

smart ways to keep kids entertained on road trips

Physical or Audio Books

A book might seem an obvious choice, but it will work well during road trips with kids. If your kids are older, you can carry a few books that they can read during the long trips to spend time. Otherwise, audiobooks are a great option for kids who can’t read yet but love story time. 

Choose Your Snacks Wisely

Snacks are tricky choices because you don’t want kids to be unhealthy just because you are travelling. Snacks can help your kids if they get hungry too often, so you don’t need to make too many stops. They can also keep them happy and distract them enough, so you don’t need to answer any questions. So make a wise choice, and you will be fine during road trips with the kids. 

Fun Yet Limited Screen Time

Screen time can be hard to avoid when you are in the car for 7-8 hours. You have to limit the usage of digital devices like tablets or mobiles, but it is okay to let kids use them for a small amount of time. Download educational yet fun games or let them watch videos on youtube for a while. As long as you control their usage smartly, this will help you keep them entertained for an ample amount of time. 

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Road trips can be long, but they don’t need to be dreadful for you or your kids. We have given you several ways to keep kids entertained and busy, so you can continue to drive peacefully and carefully. Hopefully, these allow you to start the road trip with a bang and make several precious memories with kids!

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