The seven most festive countries to visit this December

The seven most festive countries to visit this December


Tourists seeking a winter getaway this year have been told to visit Estonia after the eastern European nation was named the world’s most festive country. Researchers have named the seven best countries for tourists to visit if they want to enjoy some Christmas cheer.

Researching festive countries

They looked at local Christmas attractions, traditions, value for money, shopping opportunities and other resources available for visitors. The many highlights they identified included Christmas markets in Poland and the grand show at Rockefeller Centre in New York City.

But tiny Estonia, and its capital Tallinn, was named as the best place to visit with the researchers praising its Christmas traditions, attractions and the great value on offer for tourists.

The researchers found that the war in Ukraine has had an impact on tourism to eastern Europe but they said Tallinn remains easy to reach and offers a combination of fantastic attractions as well as great value.

Rebecca Bebbington from said: “We wanted to discover which countries go all out at Christmas and really know how to party. However, we also wanted to bear in mind the value on offer for tourists as it’s vital for all of us to make our money work hard at the moment.

“There are some brilliant Christmas trips to be found to Eastern Europe this year. The war in Ukraine has had an impact on tourism to the whole region but while we don’t recommend visiting Russia there are some fantastic attractions in neighbouring countries such as Estonia.

“Tallinn is one of Europe’s most beautiful capital cities and they really love their Christmas celebrations over there. Couple that with some fantastic value accommodation and it was a clear winner. It’s also one of the cheaper destinations to visit and you can save money by booking in advance or booking the flights separately. If you don’t fancy hedging to Estonia there are lots of other wonderful places to visit this December.”

Festive countries to visit this Christmas

Here are the seven most festive countries from around the world to visit this Christmas according to researchers from


The number one spot on the list goes to the eastern European country, Estonia – whose traditional festivities make it a perfect place to visit in the winter. If you stop by in December, make sure to head to the capital, Tallinn, where you’ll be mesmerised by the grand Christmas market which has routes back to 1441. It’s also a great spot for couples to visit together as heart-shaped ornaments take centre stage in the city.


Another European country which prides itself as a hotspot to visit at Christmas. If you want to stay in a winter wonderland it’s one the best places to visit globally as snowfall is expected across the season. Staying in a log cabin at a ski resort will give you everything you need to feel like you’re the main character of a Christmas film.

The seven most festive countries to visit this December

United Kingdom

Across the UK, there are many standout spots to visit during Christmas with city breaks available in hotpots such as Manchester and London. North of the border Glasgow and Edinburgh certainly know how to party but hold back their biggest celebrations for New Year’s Eve.


There’s plenty to do in the Polish Capital of Krakow, where you can discover the old town and shop for festive decor in the main square – Rynek Główny. It’s also a great way to learn about the culture around Christmas, such as how it’s a Polish tradition to open presents on Christmas eve rather than the day after. Flight prices range in the low to mid mark so it’s one of the more cost-effective ventures to visit in December.

USA (New York City)

Bigger is better when it comes to celebrating Christmas in the states. If you’re thinking of heading to the US, make sure to visit New York City during its prime in December. The city goes all out during the holidays from the ice rink at Rockefeller Centre to the Christmas Spectacular at Radio Hall – a trip to take off the bucket list. Even though it can be an expensive trip if you book hotels with free cancellation, you can save hundreds off the total cost.

The seven most festive countries to visit this December


If you’re visiting friends or family over the holidays, make sure to bring a book as a gift so you can take part in the tradition of Jolabokaflod – where you give each other a new book on Christmas Eve. Iceland also benefits from its fascinating sights, so if you want to fully get into the Christmas spirit, spend an evening hunting for the Northern Lights which are more likely to be spotted during the darker winter nights.


Christmas is adored across Germany with plenty of towns to explore in the whole country. Nuremberg is popular with tourists thanks to its traditional festive shopping huts in the city centre streets. Then there’s the ancient town of Rothenburg which looks like a scene straight out of Charles Dickens ‘A Christmas Carol’.

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