Iconic Filmset Locations Perfect For Your Next Holiday

Iconic Filmset Locations Perfect For Your Next Holiday

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We all want to go on holiday and enjoy time away with our family and friends, but wouldn’t it be great if you could combine your love of film and TV with your holiday destination? So many amazing things have been filmed all over the world, and you can actually visit these filmset locations and enjoy them for all their glory while still having the break away you deserve. Here are some iconic filmset locations that you could consider for your next holiday. 

Iconic Filmset Locations

Iconic Filmset Locations Perfect For Your Next Holiday

Lord of the rings – New Zealand

The famous trilogy of the films Lord of The Rings was epic when it hit theatres a number of years ago, but some of the film sets are still visible. It was filmed in New Zealand, so it may be more of a holiday that you save up for, but you can walk around Rivendell and also Hobbiton. You can get lost in the film’s sets and feel like you are truly part of the scene. New Zealand is also one epic destination to explore, with the North and the South Island, and fabulous cities like Auckland and Wellington, there really is something for everyone.

Many people combine New Zealand with a cruise, as some of the places that you may want to visit can be experienced through a cruise itinerary. 

Game of thrones – Croatia

Game of Thrones has just come to an end, and whether you loved it or wished for a different ending, no spoilers, you might have loved the whole of the eight seasons and are now needing a new GOT fix. This is when a visit to Croatia could be in store as much of the Kings Landing filming was done there. Croatia is a stunning location, so you may also want to think about looking at getting out on the sea so that you can experience it in all its glory. From beautiful Dubrovnik to stunning beaches, there really is a lot that you can enjoy here and definitely a worthy destination for the future. 

Angels and Demons – Italy 

Are you a fan of the Dan Brown books? Did you love Angels and Demons as a film? Then as you may have gathered most of the filming was done in Italy. You could experience some of the epic churches in Rome, and the iconic Vatican City, as well as the hustle and bustle of the city. Italy has a lot to offer, and if you can combine one location with a few other destinations then places like the Amalfi Coast, Venice and Lake Garda may also be on your hit list for this country. 

Iconic Filmset Locations Perfect For Your Next Holiday

The Beach – Thailand 

Thailand is such a beautiful place, but one of the major highlights is the stunning islands that you can explore. One in particular, Ko Phi Phi Leh is the location of the famous beach that is featured in the Leonardo Dicaprio film, The Beach. You can take pictures on the beach and spend some time exploring the island. 

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider – Cambodia 

Lara Croft is on a mission in Cambodia and there is no surprise that the film location was the country itself. The famous tombs and caves that Lara Croft explores are very real and you can visit them here. 

Notting Hill – London 

The film Notting Hill funnily enough was filmed in Notting Hill in London, so heading there means you can enjoy some of the beautiful film locations and backdrops that you see quite frequently in the film. The pastel-coloured houses are a highlight and a place worthwhile grabbing a picture of. 

Iconic Filmset Locations Perfect For Your Next Holiday

Ghostbusters – New York

If you are a fan of the classic Ghostbusters film then you can actually check out their original headquarters. The hook and ladder 8 fire station in Tribeca, New York, is the place to grab some pictures and be transported back to that original film. 

Skyfall – Glencoe, Scotland 

James Bond is a great film series and has been filmed in some incredible locations, but Skyfall is one of those films that has some incredible backdrops and locations and you can find some of the popular ones in Glencoe, Scotland. 

Mamma Mia – Greece

Finally, Mamma Mia is one of those films that you just can’t help but love and sing along to, and so maybe you want a taste of the lifestyle and by doing so you can head to Greece. The film was actually filmed on the island of Skopelos. It can be accessed by boats and has all of the stunning white sandy beaches you see in the film. 

Let’s hope this has inspired you for some of the filmset locations that you can visit. 

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