10 Things To Do In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

10 Things To Do In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Looking for things to do while visiting the City of Brotherly Love? The harder thing for you to do is to pare down just what you will actually have time to do! In Philadelphia, the fun never ends and there is always something fresh, new and exciting going on. There’s something for everyone in Philadelphia.

Things to do in Philadelphia

Ben Franklin Bridge in Philadelphia USA
Ben Franklin Bridge in Philadelphia USA

Some History

If history is your thing, then you need to check out Independence Historical Park. Take a step back into Colonial America and see where the birth of our nation began! This attraction includes Independence Hall, Carpenters Hall, the Liberty Bell, the Old City Hall and the Betsy Ross House.

A choice of sports

How do you like your sports? Well, anyway you play it, you’ve surely come to the right place! The Philadelphia sports teams rock! The Philly pro sports teams include the Eagles (football), Phillies (baseball), 76ers (basketball), Flyers (ice hockey), Kixx (soccer), Charge (Women’s soccer), Philly Soul (arena football), Phantoms (American League ice hockey) and Wings (lacrosse.) Come out and cheer!

Fairmount Park

Do you crave natural beauty, a wide array of animals from all over the world – and great entertainment? Then you must see Fairmount Park! A trip to this park includes the Philadelphia Zoo and Playhouse in the Park, beside the beautiful and quite lovely park itself.

Street view of downtown Philadelphia in PA, USA
Street view of downtown Philadelphia in PA, USA

Some Culture

Does culture or art or science – or even the weird stuff in the world – get you going? Then, you just have to pay a visit to Philly’s museums – which are a cut above all the rest! You can make the trip to a wide spectrum of choices, which start with places like the Philadelphia Art Museum, The Franklin Institute, the Museum of Natural Sciences, the Please Touch Museum and the Mutter Museum. This list goes on and on – to the many and varied other museums in the City, too.

Criminal Justice system

Let’s talk about the Eastern State Penitentiary. This is a place where innovation in the corrections institutions across America got its start. This is the place for all you law and order buffs out there to really learn about the history of the criminal justice system and penal codes systems, too.

The architecture

Now, no trip to Philadelphia could ever be called complete without a stop at the Philadelphia City Hall. A brilliant work of architecture, it is the actual working seat of the government in Philly. Located centrally at the intersection between Broad and Market Streets, it is truly a ‘Don’t Miss’ site!

Food Markets

Are you an expert in the kitchen? Are you simply a great chef? Do you like to get the freshest and most interesting ingredients for your epicurean taste buds? Then shopping at the Reading Terminal Market and the Italian Market, among others, is the place for you! Every ingredient for every delectable dish you ever could possibly think of is awaiting you here! Yum!

Cityscape of downtown skyline Philadelphia in Pennsylvania, USA
Cityscape of downtown skyline Philadelphia in Pennsylvania, USA

The Music!

Symphonies, Rock Concerts, Jazz Performances – and anything else in the world of music is the next topic for your touring pleasure. Top concerts in the US, featuring the best of the best in sound, can be found at venues like the Academy of Music, Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts, Electric Factory venues, Wachovia Spectrum, Mann Music Center,

And a host of smaller, more intimate clubs. Pick your tunes, pick your place – and you are set to go for one of the most melodic evenings of your life!

The Stage!

Does the sight of a stage and some grease paint give you a thrill? Are you the type who remains transfixed in your seat even after the final curtain call has been taken? Then Philly’s got it for you! Live Broadway-style theatre, theatre in the round, small proscenium spaces and elegant palaces from La Belle Époque are yours for the taking – with a ticket, of course – in the dramatic world of Philadelphia’s professional theatres. You can see superb shows at the Forest Theatre, the Walnut Street Theatre, and many others throughout the City. Applause! Applause!

Let’s hit the shops

Mall Shopping/Dining/Entertainment – Philadelphia scores a big hit on a global level with her huge assortment of shops, malls, stores, boutiques, outlets and other places where your dollar gets its biggest ‘bang for the buck’! A few top-notch suggestions are The Gallery at Market East, Franklin Mills, The Shops at Bellevue, Shops at Liberty Place and The Bourse. Space doesn’t permit it here, but suffice it to say that there are so many more hospitable, warm friendly places to make your outing a true pleasure.

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