Best Places to Visit For Thanksgiving

Best Places to Visit For Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is a time of year when families and friends come together to celebrate, give thanks, and indulge in a decadent feast. While the Turkey Day gathering is cherished by many, the holiday also presents a perfect time to escape the familiar and embark on an adventure to explore some amazing places.

Best Places to Visit For Thanksgiving

Skipping Thanksgiving to travel can be a tough decision. This is a holiday well rooted in tradition. It’s also a time when kids and parents have time off, though.

Thanksgiving can be a great time to take a vacation. It’s one of the rare times of the year when both kids in school and parents at work have time off. The biggest downside to travel at Thanksgiving is dealing with traffic on the road, crowds at airports and higher costs at hotels.

Also, of course, there is the challenge of telling the family they must travel with you or not spend the holiday season with you. If you’ve ever done a long weekend and Thanksgiving that involves trips to various families and feeling bloated from three dinners, you will appreciate a more simplified Thanksgiving.

Ease Costs And Hassle Of A Thanksgiving Vacation

There are a few tactics that can make a Thanksgiving vacation easier and more affordable.

  • Plan to drive or fly pre-dawn if possible. You will avoid most crowds and, as a benefit for flyers, you will pay less.
  • Scour for hotel deals or package deals. Book travel that has a flexible cancellation policy. Right before your trip, do another search for last-minute deals at hotels that are not full. If you find a great deal, book it and cancel your original reservation.
  • Plan ahead as much as possible. If you have dogs, reserve their spot at the dog kennel weeks ahead of time. If you want to have dinner somewhere nice on Thanksgiving while on vacation, book that well in advance as well. Many restaurants will be closed.
Best Places to Visit For Thanksgiving

Celebrate Thanksgiving While on Vacation in a great place

For parents and children used to a classic Thanksgiving, it can be tough to let go of traditions like making food from scratch and being at a family member’s home. Here are some tactics to make Thanksgiving feel more like Thanksgiving while travelling:

  • Make plans to have a full Thanksgiving meal while dining out. Most popular tourist destinations and towns will have a restaurant offering a traditional meal, as will some hotel restaurants. Be sure to check ahead so you aren’t scrambling (and stressed out) on Thanksgiving day while driving around looking for a place to have dinner.
  • If you are travelling to a country that doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving, look for American-themed restaurants or shops. Many times, you can find a Thanksgiving dinner even outside your country.
  • Instead of a hotel, get a vacation rental and cook your own dinner. Just know that you’ll probably need to buy some supplies even in a rental with a stocked kitchen. For example, it probably won’t have a roaster pan for the turkey or a thermometer.
  • Look for a Thanksgiving takeout restaurant. These orders usually need to be placed ahead, but you could even pick up a full meal and have it in your room. Just be sure to get plates and book a room with some sort of table, such as a suite hotel room.

It is still possible to have a Thanksgiving vacation and have Thanksgiving, although it requires a little pre-planning and research. In many ways, having a Thanksgiving with only your household family can be more simple and enjoyable. As a bonus, you can spend Black Friday shopping in another city. Just be sure to call other family members and wish them a happy Thanksgiving.

The essence of Thanksgiving is feasting and celebrating the harvest, but it is also about our country’s history, and what was life immediately after the Pilgrims got off of the Mayflower in this new and as yet, undiscovered country. It seems only fitting that some of the best places in the United States to visit over the Thanksgiving holiday would be some places that are steeped in history.

Here is a look at some very interesting Thanksgiving getaways

Best Places to Visit For Thanksgiving

Plimoth Plantation At Plymouth Massachusetts

Edward Winslow wrote a letter in which he described much of what took place during the three-day “Harvest Celebration” that the Pilgrims hosted for themselves and the Wampanoag in 1621.

The plantation is a museum that allows visitors to get a personal account of what life was like for the English colonists and the Wampanoag people. The plantation is a recreation of 17th-century life, and painstaking attention was paid to every detail of life, whether it be the dialect of the time, the costumes, the buildings, the artefacts, and even a demonstration of how a 17th-century ship would have been constructed.

It is also possible to experience pilgrim food at various places on the plantation. The plantation has planned some special Thanksgiving dining programs, and these afford visitors a chance to eat in the style of the pilgrims and to experience the food and cooking practices in the manner they might have been cooked in the 17th century.

Mount Vernon

Mountain Vernon was George Washington’s estate home, along with a farm and gardens. It is open 365 days a year and has been dubbed the most popular historic estate in America. Mount Vernon is located 8 miles south of Old Town Alexandria in Virginia and 16 miles south of Washington D.C.

Visitors can tour the mansion and outbuildings, including the greenhouse, the kitchen, slave quarters and the stables. There is a 4-acre working Pioneer Farmer site farm that even includes a recreation of Washington’s 16-sided treading barn. There is enough to do at Mount Vernon to fill an entire day.


Monticello is located in Charlottesville Virginia right near the University of Virginia campus. It was Thomas Jefferson’s home. Between November and February, the house and grounds are open from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. every day except for Christmas Day. Scheduled tours are not available after September or October, but visitors can still tour the house and grounds independently. There is a cafe, but it is just a regular cafe with typical lunch items. There is a lot to see at Monticello, especially in the gardens, but there are no guided tours that are available after the end of summer.

New York City

For many, NYC is the epitome of Thanksgiving. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is an iconic event watched by millions. Central Park offers a tranquil escape from the city rush, and the Rockefeller Center is gearing up for the holiday season. Late November in New York is a perfect time for first-time visitors to soak in the city’s electric energy.

San Francisco

If you’re a fan of wine tasting, San Francisco is a great option. It’s within a day trip to Napa Valley, where you can explore wine country. Union Square’s ice rink is a local favourite, and the historic district is adorned with autumnal splendour.

Colonial Williamsburg

For a historical twist, Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia is a unique experience. Enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving feast in a colonial setting and explore antique shops along Main Street.

Lake Tahoe

Nature lovers will find Lake Tahoe to be the perfect place. Situated between California and Nevada, this destination offers beautiful beaches, ski resorts ready for ski season, and golf courses. A direct flight will get you to this natural wonder.

Santa Barbara

Southern California’s Santa Barbara provides a different Thanksgiving experience. State Street offers an array of local restaurants, art galleries, and live music. You can take part in horseback riding, making it an ideal place for an adventurous turkey day.

San Diego

Beautiful beaches and a plethora of fun things to do make San Diego a great Thanksgiving destination. From annual Thanksgiving Day parades to NFL football games, the whole family will have a good time.

Miami Beach

For those who prefer a tropical setting, Miami Beach in Florida offers just that. It’s one of the best times to visit as hurricane season is over. Soak up the sun during the day and explore South Beach’s vibrant nightlife the next day.

Best Places to Visit For Thanksgiving

These are important places in our country’s history. They are all associated with important colonists, two of whom ultimately went on to become our nation’s presidents. For a different spin on Thanksgiving or a Thanksgiving that will be packed with some great opportunities to learn about our nation’s history, these are three great places to visit over the Thanksgiving weekend holiday.

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