10 Things To Do In Anaheim, California

10 Things To Do In Anaheim, California

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If you want to plan a vacation that has something for the entire family, then you will definitely want to consider visiting Anaheim, California. This California city has amusement parks, theme parks, an observatory, the Hollywood sign, and entertainment for a parent’s only night on the town.

Things To Do In Anaheim

Angel Stadium in Anaheim with the distinctive giant red baseball caps
Angel Stadium in Anaheim with the distinctive giant red baseball caps

For The Whole Family

Planning entertainment for the entire family can sometimes be daunting. Especially if your children bridge separate age groups. You may have to find things that a pre-school, elementary-age student and a high schooler will all enjoy, and at the same time not bore you to tears. Amusement and theme parks are a great way to find a variety of activities and attractions that fit a variety of ages all in one place. These attractions also allow older children and teenagers a safer place to explore on their own, while still maintaining them in an area you can still find them in. Anaheim has many theme parks and amusement parks that your entire family will love.


Almost everyone on the planet knows about Disneyland, and it is definitely one of the places that you want to go to at least once in your life. Here there are rides that cater to the young and old alike. It also has shopping, live entertainment, and food and drinks available.

Disney’s California Adventure

Right next door to Disneyland is a newer attraction built by the Disney Theme Park Empire. This park has a more amusement park feel than Disneyland.

Universal Studios

Here you can explore the process of making movies, and stroll through a Hollywood backlot. This park boasts special effects rides, live entertainment, and lots of movie magic.

Six Flags Magic Mountain

If your family is looking for more excitement, then you will want to check out Magic Mountain. Here you will have access to thrilling rides, and roller coasters.

Raging Waters

If you find that Southern California is a bit too warm, try a refreshing day at one of the nation’s favourite water parks, Raging Waters. Here you will find waterslides and water rides.

Griffith Park Observatory

With all the fun you will be having in Anaheim, don’t forget to add a little education to the mix. The Griffith Park Observatory is one of the biggest observatories in the U.S. and allows you to stargaze on balconies or even on the roof, and if you look to the north while on the roof, you will see the famous Hollywood sign all lit up.

10 Things To Do In Anaheim, California

Parent’s Night On The Town

After running a hectic race from amusement park to amusement park during the day, you may decide that the parents need some time on their own. Anaheim hosts many options just for you.

Hollywood Walk of Fame

Stroll downtown on Vine and Hollywood Boulevard to start the famed Hollywood Walk of Fame. Compare your footprints and handprints to Hollywood legends’.

Mann’s Chinese Theater

As you continue your stroll down the Walk of Fame you will cross in front of the gorgeous Mann’s Chines Theater, the backdrop to movies, TV programs, and thousands of photographs.


After all that walking you may feel like a bite to eat. Try R-23, a downtown restaurant famed for it fabulous sushi.

Sunset Strip

This strip of businesses offers night goers entertainment opportunities from hot clubs to historical diners and restaurants like: The Roxy, The Viper Room, The Derby, and the House of the Blues.

Panoramic view of a neighborhood in Anaheim, California
Panoramic view of a neighbourhood in Anaheim, California

Final thoughts

After a well-spent day of waterslides, roller coasters, movie magic, great food, great live entertainment, and a historical stroll down the Hollywood Walk of Fame, you will be ready to slip off to sleep at one of Anaheim’s many fantastic hotels. After a restful sleep, you will be refreshed and ready for another day of exploring local sites and attractions, or you may just feel like spending the day at one of Anaheim’s sandy beaches. Whatever you decide to do, your vacation in Anaheim will be enjoyed by everyone in your family.

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