What to pack for a trip to the beach

What to pack for a trip to the beach

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When you plan a trip to the beach the last thing you want to do is arrive so laden up with unnecessary paraphernalia that you end up looking like you’ve arrived to set up home on the sands, but some essentials are necessary even if you are just having a day on the beach whilst on vacation.

A lot can depend on the type of beach you plan to spend some time on, and how essential some things are to you. Many people prefer the convenience of paying for sun loungers and sun umbrellas whilst others are quite happy to throw a beach mat on the sand and take their own umbrellas along for the shade.

Some may seek beaches with bars and restaurants lining them and plan to order their cooling beverages from a beachside waiter service, whilst others seek quiet beaches lacking such amenities and take along a cooler for cold drinks. Here are the must-have essentials for a trip to the beach.

Essentials to pack for a trip to the beach

Essentials to pack for a trip to the beach - close up photo of white rope on brown wood


Pack your sunscreen to take along with you, and remember to re-apply it after swimming. Remember to cover those extra sensitive delicate bits in sunscreen, paying particular attention to your nose, your ear lobes, and the back of your knees.


Towels are a necessity, of course, both to lie on and to dry off with after swimming. You can wrap your soggy swimwear in them later unless you decide to turn them into a stylish outfit to head to the beach bar in.


Water is the most important thing to take along especially if it is very hot. As it tends to go warm and undrinkable in the sun the best idea is to take bottles of ice along, by simply popping bottles of water in the freezer the night before. This will ensure a plentiful supply of cold water as it gradually melts in the heat. You can pop slices of lemon in before freezing for a more refreshing taste. Don’t take sodas along for children as they are dehydrating in the heat and water is much preferable.

Essentials to pack for a trip to the beach - yellow plastic bucket on sand

Beach toys

If you are taking young children along then ensure they have some safety devices such as armbands. A bucket and spade usually keep them entertained, along with collecting pebbles and shells and splashing in the water. Goggles are good to keep the seawater out of their eyes, and a washing line is a great way of keeping hold of one end of them whilst you lie on your back with your eyes closed.


The beach isn’t the ideal place to take food, as it will only attract ants and flies. If you do take some though, wrap it well and keep it in a cooler. Remember not to swim after eating. The best type of food to have is a watermelon, which can be kept in the water to keep it cool until you want to eat, you can have fun swimming with it, and then cut it open and enjoy it on the beach. It is both refreshing and filling. Do remember not to swim in close proximity to anyone else who has been eating watermelon.


Remember to take along something to make yourself instantly stunningly attractive, in case a millionaire’s yacht happens to pass by and you are invited along for a fun-filled afternoon on the deck, guzzling champagne and eating oysters.

Essentials to pack for a trip to the beach

Of course, you can throw as many things together as you like, but always remember you’ll have the feat of carrying it all across the hot sands, and even worse, packing it all up again later. Of course, if you choose a country which has handy donkeys on the beach, such as England, you will be able to hire a donkey to carry your luggage for you.

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