10 Things To Do In Baltimore, Maryland

10 Things To Do In Baltimore, Maryland

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Baltimore, Maryland is a popular city to visit in the USA with its beautiful harbour area, and cruise ships for adventures into the Atlantic City and beyond, But with Little Italy, Zoos and some fantastic Historical places to visit there are reasons to visit and stay there.

Things To Do In Baltimore

Baltimore is the most populous city in the U.S. state of Maryland, the fourth-most populous city in the Mid-Atlantic, as well as the 30th most populous city in the United States, with a population of 585,708 in 2020. Baltimore was designated an independent city by the Constitution of Maryland in 1851, and today is the most populous independent city in the United States.

As of 2017, the population of the Baltimore metropolitan area was estimated to be around 2.8 million, making it the 21st largest metropolitan area in the country. Baltimore is located about 40 miles (64 km) northeast of Washington, D.C., making it a principal city in the Washington–Baltimore combined statistical area (CSA), the third-largest CSA in the nation, with a calculated 2018 population of 9,797,063.

Things To Do In Baltimore, Maryland - Fort McHenry

Inner Harbor area

Explore the wide variety of interesting shops and restaurants downtown that can be reached via car, cab, bus, or walk from a nearby hotel. There are even water taxis to transfer visitors from the shopping area to various restaurants and surrounding communities. Explore the Baltimore Aquarium for marine life, the Columbus Center for Science, and the World Trade Center building for an excellent view of the entire area.

Fort McHenry

Visit the historical fort of the actual American flag, which inspired the Star-Spangled Banner by Francis Scott Key was raised. Next to the fort is a little park where you can have a picnic on a blanket or sit on a bench. This area is overlooking the Inner Harbor area on a hill. Also, take a ride through the surrounding narrow streets to see quaint brownstones in a quiet neighbourhood.

Fells Point

An interesting bar scene ranging from loud, trendy dance clubs to small, interesting local pubs. This district includes entertainment and interests for the college scene, pre-wedding parties, and even elegant evenings out for special occasions.

Things To Do In Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore Zoo

A fun and exciting place for kids of all ages. I like the size of the park and the many varieties of animals within the zoo. It’s not hard to spend an enjoyable day in a family-friendly environment. The food is also good but can be over budget for a larger family. Feel free to take a nice lunch and snacks for extra energy when visiting. Take a ride on the camel and elephant, and have a great time feeding the barn animal babies, too.

Camden Yards

The Orioles are the home baseball team with great fans, who attend season games regularly. Once you get in the park, it is very clean and inviting with volunteer Seniors who provide attendees with any information they need about the history of the ball club, finding the right seat, and the nearest vendor with the best food.

Edgar Allen Poe’s Gravesite

There are many famous people who have a popular final resting place, and the continuation of Poe’s legacy is important to his readers. Not only does Poe reside in a safe and guarded cemetery behind a local church near the centre of the city, but he also likes to visit the neighbourhood. Every Halloween, dedicated locals provide enthusiasts with a walking tour and a closer view of Poe’s humble abode. It has even been said that Poe visits the site as well, and he has witnessed it.

Little Italy

When the moon hits your eye like a big crab? Well, there are numerous mouthwatering restaurants and intimate cafes throughout this section of Baltimore. Each season Little Italy finds a reason to celebrate a festival or special occasion with authentic Italian traditions and hearty meals. Christmas and summer especially are filled with a variety of ethnic opportunities listed on the internet and in various local papers.

Things To Do In Baltimore, Maryland

Crab Houses

If you visit the city, you have to eat crabs, crab soup, crab salad, and anything else that includes various seafood in a number of excellent restaurants throughout the area. Just to name a few: McCormick’s, Philip’s, Mo’s, The Sea Witch.


Within half an hour from each other in Baltimore County are two rather large malls with extreme possibilities for any shopper from the professional to the in and out types. Each mall is well designed and appropriate for various interests including Baltimore speciality stores and ample free parking. Extra incentives include movie theatres, theme restaurants, and friendly customer service centres.

Chesapeake Bay

Water is observable from many vantage points throughout the city. It provides access for many large cruise ships and barges onto the Atlantic Ocean. Tourists and locals use the waterway for recreational and transportation purposes. Inlets provide access to fishermen, boats, jet skis, and more in state parks. The uses and necessity of the bay are almost infinite ranging from the study of marine life to protecting the watershed to bringing life to an empty canvas. Although Baltimore consists of urban and suburban environments, the reason for coming from the surrounding mighty Chesapeake as an ocean gateway.

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