Travel Essentials Every Mum Needs To Think About And Why Vacation Time Shouldn’t Be Forgotten

Travel Essentials Every Mum Needs To Think About And Why Vacation Time Shouldn’t Be Forgotten

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Here are some of the travel essentials to think about as a quick reminder as to why we should all still be making future travel plans for when each of us feels safe to see the world once more. Let’s hope it gives you the encouragement you need to continue to add to and tick off places on your bucket list.

Travelling, be that with your children, as a couple, on your own or with friends is one of those joyous experiences you can have. However, with the latest events that the whole world has gone through, we now see that travelling, with or without children is going to look somewhat different for a while.

You may even find that you are tempted to hold off until you feel comfortable. This is understandable. But, with restrictions being lifted and the travel industry encouraging us to enjoy our vacation time, perhaps you might want to consider your future travel plans.

Let’s be honest though, packing is one of the chores involved that can be quite mundane. Especially if you are limited to the amount of luggage weight you can carry. When you are packing with kids, they tend to take up the most room in the case as they have far too many travel essentials they may need while they are away. This makes some items that are important easy to forget.

Travel Essentials Every Mum Needs

Travel Essentials Every Mum Needs To Think About And Why Vacation Time Shouldn’t Be Forgotten

Your face mask

One of the things we have never had to think about before but has now become part of the norm is a face mask, and for travelling this could be a travel essential item. Not only will you need it on the plane as you are in a confined space with others, but different countries will have different restrictions in place. Some locations may require you to wear them out and about whereas others may just want you to pop on a mask when you enter a shop. Get your masks and pack some as well as have some close to hand.

Anything that you might have been prescribed

We can all get distracted with packing the nice things about the holiday such as your new bikini purchase or the outfits you have carefully planned and curated for the whole family, but it can be easy to forget your prescribed items. Medication and even things like prescription glasses can often be left behind.

You may even want to pick some new frames for your holiday or get some prescription sunglasses so you can enjoy the good weather and it is easier than ever to do that online these days. Make a list of these travel essential items so you can tick them off as you pack.

The hair necessities

One of the biggest things we need to take care of while we are away is our hair. Getting in and out of the pool or the sea, the salty air, the sun, it can be very testing on our hair, which is why some nourishing shampoo and conditioner will be a must. You may not have had a chance to have had your hair redone before going away, because the lead-up to the vacation can be so busy, so you could invest in a little root touch-up to use while you are away so you feel at your best.

Finally, make sure you pack headbands, hair ties, and grips so that you can keep your hair up when it’s warm.

Travel Essentials Every Mum Needs To Think About And Why Vacation Time Shouldn’t Be Forgotten

Makeup wipes

Not all of us will have the time to perform are full-on skincare routine away, and you may not have the space to pack everything you might want to use, so packing these travel essentials is a must and makeup wipes can be a huge time saver. They take your makeup off very quickly and t the same time they cleanse your face. Ideal for days out on the beach and after a night out.

A decent moisturiser

On the subject of skincare try and pack just one moisturiser that you can use daily. Many of us may have separate creams for certain times of the day or night, but you won’t be able to fit everything in. Choose a moisturizer that is rich and easily absorbed. So that you can really give your skin the hit of moisture it will need. After being out in the sun all day, your skin will really need that attention.

A comfortable versatile pair of shoes

Holidays with kids tend to involve a lot more activity, and while you may want to lounge on a sunbed for the day, your children might have other ideas. Even at night, they may want to walk and explore the destination you have travelled to. This is when a comfortable pair of shoes is a travel essential.

There are some great flat options now that you can wear that look stylish but also give you that comfort factor. Everything you need for an active holiday with children. Of course, I am not saying only pack the one pair. But if you have at least one pair that you can consistently rely on then you are on to a winner.

Travel Essentials Every Mum Needs To Think About And Why Vacation Time Shouldn’t Be Forgotten

Why travel should still be on the agenda

Travel is something that can be seen as a short-term plan, often only thinking about the next year of travelling and getting things booked up. This can help you plan your time off from work, and things like that, but it is also worth thinking about your future travel plans and what you might want to do. Many of us looked forward to those holidays and often they were the incentive to do the extra hours of work or put that extra bit of effort into a project.

The recent global pandemic may have haltered your plans, but don’t let it be the reason why you don’t explore in the future. Here is a reminder as to why travel is so important and can enrich our lives in more ways than one.

Tick places off your bucket list

Do you have a bucket list? Many people have some form of a list. It could be something that you store mentally, or maybe something that you have in mind and written down in a diary. A bucket list should include all of the places that you want to visit in your lifetime. Think long and hard about it, as it can also prove as travel inspiration when you are looking for a new place to visit.

Experience a different culture

Travelling should be all about the experience that you have, and so getting the chance to experience a different culture is definitely one to think about for the future. You could take some time to think about what it is you want to do, such as enjoying food, the parties and the festival and heading into places that are less for tourists and more about real life.

See some of the seven wonders of the world

There are some truly iconic places in the world, so have you ever thought about trying to visit some of them? There are seven wonders of the world, and this includes things like the Great Barrier Reef, The Great Wall Of China, and Maka Pichu. These are definitely something to witness and if they are not on your bucket list already you should consider adding them.

Let’s hope this post helps you when it comes to making travel plans in the future and enables you to feel comfortable with ensuring you have all the travel essentials packed for your vacations to come.

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