10 Things To Do In Florence, Italy

10 Things To Do In Florence, Italy

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No city can boast of such artistic richness as can the romantic, Renaissance city of Florence. Food, art, culture, and beautiful scenic views make this outstanding Italian mecca a work of art. Here are ten things to do in Florence to delight the cultural palate of even the most inveterate traveller.

Things To Do In Florence

View of the cityscape and mountains of Florence
View of the cityscape and mountains of Florence

The Pitti Palace

The Pitti Palace provides an array of art-viewing opportunities. The Palatine Gallery, the Silver Museum, the Gallery of Modern Art, and the Galleria del Costume are housed in this palatial complex. You may want to devote a full day to this attraction. While here, be sure to also visit the beautiful Boboli Gardens.

Michelangelo’s David

No trip to Florence would be complete without a view of the world’s most famous David! Here you can see the statue in the Museum Galleria dell’Accademia.

The Cathedral of Florence

Every Renaissance city has a magnificent cathedral, and Florence is no different! The Cathedral of Florence is the epitome of Florentine architecture. Completed in 1434 by Filippo Brunelleschi, this cathedral, also called ‘the Duomo of Florence’ is the fourth largest in the world. Towering windows and doors, and famous frescos awe visitors upon arrival. A climb to the top of the dome provides a refreshing panoramic view of the city. Before leaving the cathedral, make a final stop at the Baptistry. It features lavish mosaics from the 13th century. While there, also check out the Bell Tower. Designed by Giotto, it showcases a creative design of marble construction.

Ponte Vecchio bridge over the Arno River in Florence Italy
Ponte Vecchio bridge over the Arno River in Florence Italy

The San Lorenzo Street Market and Mercato Centrale

The San Lorenzo street market and Mercato Centrale in Florence will delight shoppers. The market features street vendors who set up shops selling almost everything under the Tuscan sun! The central market, a 19th-century two-story building, offers more opportunities to go on a shopping spree!

Ponte Vecchio

Ponte Vecchio, the oldest bridge in Florence, is a great place to watch the sunset. Dating as far back as Roman times, this bridge crosses the River Arno. In addition to taking a nature break here, you can also take a leisurely stroll, enjoy street performances, or watch portrait painters’ work. Jewellery shops selling designer and antique jewellery can also be found along this unique bridge.

The Uffizi Gallery

The Uffizi Gallery is another “must-see” artistic point. In this museum, Botticelli’s Birth of Venus and the Primavera can be viewed, as well as Leonardo DaVinci’s Annunciation works by Michelangelo, Titian, and Rubens.

The Medici Chapels

The Medici Chapels are grandiose structures built at the request of Cardinal Giulio de’Medici as a mausoleum for his family. While here, be sure to take note of the many sculptures by Michelangelo and the exquisitely detailed marble and semi-precious stone decorations resting on the tombs.

Uffizi Palace in Florence - Firenze, Italy. Ancient statue in Tribuna room
Uffizi Palace in Florence – Firenze, Italy. Ancient statue in Tribuna room

The Ferragamo Museum

Shoe lovers will enjoy the Ferragamo Museum. Located in Palazzo Spini Feroni, the museum contains over 10,000 pairs of shoes worn by such star divas as Marilyn Monroe and Rita Hayworth.

Dante Alighieri’s House

A visit to this famous poet’s home will appeal to all literary buffs. Located in the historic centre of Florence, you can view the original manuscripts of Dante’s works.

Vivoli Ice Cream

Finally, don’t leave without savouring a delectable creation for your taste buds. Be sure to stop by Vivoli to enjoy the most famous Florentine ice cream, made by the Vivoli family since 1930.

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