10 Things To Do In Sydney, Australia

10 Things To Do In Sydney, Australia

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Sydney Australia is located along the coast in the state of New South Wales. Sydney is Australia’s oldest and best-known city. Sydney was the host of the 2000 Olympic games and is the home of the world-renowned Sydney Opera House. This city is blessed with endless sunny days and breathtaking views. The beaches of Sydney stretch along its coast as far as the eye can see.

Sydney boasts world-class shopping, dining, and entertainment. You will find the locals to be laid back and friendly. This city has a vibrancy that gives it a life of its own and is a great place to build memories you won’t soon forget. If you are planning a vacation in Sydney, below is a list of ten great things to do in Sydney.

Things To Do In Sydney

The Iconic Sydney Opera House
The Iconic Sydney Opera House is a multi-venue performing arts centre also containing bars and outdoor restaurants.

Sydney’s Northern beaches

Stretching from Manly Beach to Palm Beach, Sydney’s Northern beaches offer everything from swimming and snorkelling to surfing and sunbathing. Spend a few hours or an entire day enjoying the sun. Don’t forget your sunscreen, the Australian sun is extremely strong.

Art Gallery of New South Wales

This museum is just a short walk from the Sydney Opera House on Art Gallery Road. They offer art from all over the world. Here you can see paintings and other pieces from Asia, the Middle East, the Americas, and Australia. Also featured are works of native Aboriginal Art and Torres Straights Islander art. The Art Gallery also has “Funday” activities for the kids.

Sydney’s Royal Botanical Gardens

Founded in 1816, these gardens offer a little bit of everything. While touring the gardens you will see a rose, herb, and Oriental gardens. The tropical plants featured here grow inside an enormous glass pyramid. Many forms of rare and endangered plants can also be found throughout the gardens.

Sydney landmark Sydney Harbour Bridge reflected in glass windows
Sydney landmark Sydney Harbour Bridge is reflected in glass windows

Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

The Harbour Bridge is a signature landmark of Sydney that is recognized around the world. If you have the ambition, you can climb right over the top of the bridge. The guided climb takes about three and a half hours. Safety is a strong priority for this adventure. All climbers are given special suits to wear and are given a Breathalyzer test. Climbers wear a special safety harness and are given radios with earpieces to receive communication from their guide.

Destiny Tours Sydney / Weird Sydney Ghost and History Tour

The Destiny Tours offer a different view of Sydney life that you won’t find anywhere else. Cadillac hearses carry groups around the city giving a unique twist to Sydney’s past. On this tour, you will hear tales of ghosts, scandals, the plague, and an unsolved murder or two.

Taronga Zoo

The Taronga Zoo offers Australian animals as well as animals from all over the world. Featured in the “Walkabout Tour” are dingoes, koalas, wombats, kangaroos, and many others. The zoo offers a program called “Roar and Snore” which is a two-hour nighttime tour. Guest can stay overnight and sleep in a tent under the stars. The zoo is accessible by car, ferry, or bus and also offers food and gift shops.

Oceanworld Manly

Oceanworld Manly is located at Manly Cove Beach near Manly Wharf. The aquarium is home to the largest shark in captivity in Australia. Visitors can view the aquarium via a viewing tunnel that is 110 meters long. A few of the featured sea creatures are sharks, sea turtles, rays, and various tropical fish. The aquarium is also home to many dangerous and venomous sea animals. Oceanworld also offers “Shark Dive Extreme”. This program allows you to dive with sharks. This is offered seven days a week, but you must book your time beforehand.

Sydney landmark Sydney Harbour Bridge reflected in glass windows
Sydney Fish Market is a Large marketplace and a major tourist attraction featuring shops for seafood, deli items and restaurants.

Shark Island

On weekends, Shark Island is open for family picnicking and swimming. Ferries make many trips to the island each day of operation, allowing you to stay for a few hours or for the entire day. Along with the beach and the sunshine, the island offers a fabulous view of Sydney. The island has plenty of shade and many picnicking shelters.

Luna Park Sydney

This amusement park is located near the North end of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Luna Park is open year-round. The park features Dodgems, a Ferris wheel, slides, a carousel, and various kiddy rides. You can stroll along the “Coney Park Midway” and enjoy games and food of all varieties.

Sydney Cricket Grounds

Located on Moore Park Road, this facility is one of the most famous cricketing venues in the world. Cricket is most notably played in England and Australia. This sport is a favourite pastime of many Australians. Catching a cricket match is a great way to take in some local Australian flavour.

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