10 Things To Do In Perth, Australia

10 Things To Do In Perth, Australia

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Western Australia’s capital, Perth, is an isolated city located in the southwestern section of the continent. Nestled between the Indian Ocean and the Darling Mountain Ranges, the city was first occupied by the Nyoongar tribe hundreds of thousands of years ago.

In recent history, Perth was known as a settlement for Australia’s prison community. Today, this modern city has much to offer visitors looking to experience the country’s culture. What are ten things to do whilst visiting Perth?

Things To Do In Perth

Panorama of skyline of Perth downtown seen from Elizabeth Quay
Panorama of skyline Perth downtown seen from Elizabeth Quay

Aquarium of Western Australia

A person looking to experience first-hand the region’s sea life should look no further than the Aquarium of Western Australia or AQWA. The aquarium is actually a tunnel that spans over 320 feet and gives a visitor the feeling of being surrounded by a vast array of sea creatures such as sharks and fish. For those who are more adventurous, the aquarium has a discovery pool which allows visitors the opportunity to touch animals such as stingrays.


The beaches of Perth are considered to be some of the best in the world. Most of the beaches bordering the Indian Ocean allow swimming and surfing. Swanbourne is also located here and is one of Perth’s most popular nude beaches.


Visitors looking for excitement and relaxation love the Scarborough area of Perth. Scarborough allows beachgoers to surf and sail in its patrolled waters. For those who are looking to relax, Scarborough offers visitors a number of cafes.

Public street Art colorful painted houses in Perth Western Australia
Public street Art colourful painted houses in Perth in Western Australia

Carnac Island

Travellers to this area of Perth will enjoy the seclusion offered by Carnac Island. The island is uninhabited by humans and is home only to a number of sea lions.

Berndt Museum of Anthropology

Vacationers wanting to learn more about Australian history and culture should take the opportunity to visit the Berndt Museum of Anthropology. Not only does the museum has displays of modern and traditional Australian history but also includes various displays, art and artefacts on the region’s Aboriginal culture.

Museum of Western Australia

This museum also has various historical displays of Australian culture. However, a visitor to the Museum of Western Australia can also see a collection of unique items such as the building that served as Perth’s prison from 1856 to 1888. The museum’s natural history section has a rare blue whale skeleton that is over 80 feet long and a number of dinosaur displays. Of particular interest is the Mundrabilia meteorite that weighs over eleven tons and the Megamouth shark. This breed of shark is not only one of the world’s largest but rarest as well. Only five Megamouth sharks have ever been captured.

Kings Park

Kings Park is a favourite place for nature enthusiasts. The area is a botanic garden that spans over 40 acres and also includes bushland. The park not only offers extraordinary views of Perth but is ideal for biking and walking.

Mundaring Weir drinking water reservoir of Perth Western Australia
Mundaring Weir drinking water reservoir of Perth in Western Australia

Darling Ranges

Over 600 million years ago, Australia is believed to have been a part of Gondwanaland, an extraordinary landmass that also consisted of present-day South America, Africa, Antarctica and India. A visitor to Perth’s Darling Ranges can not only appreciate the differences in the area’s geological structure but see the proof of Gondwanaland’s destruction.


A person looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city can visit the port town of Fremantle. Located just outside of Perth, Fremantle offers visitors a relaxing atmosphere in the form of cafes and outdoor markets.

Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island is only accessible by a chartered plane or boat from Perth. Visitors making the journey will appreciate the island’s crystal water and coral reefs. A person visiting the island should be prepared to walk or use a bicycle. Rottnest Island does not allow the use of cars, buses or any other motorized vehicle.

Final thoughts

A person looking for a secluded and/or pristine vacation destination will be in awe of Perth. This Australian city offers visitors a modern look at the country’s culture while still embracing its historical traditions.

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