Annual events that take place in Ireland

Annual events that take place in Ireland

When it comes to finding things to do over the year, often there are annual events that we can rely upon to provide fun, entertainment, and experiences like no other. Whether you want to involve the family or do something with friends or as a couple, there will be events that take place throughout the year that will help you do that. But what annual events can you enjoy in Ireland? Here are the ones to look out for. 

What annual events can you enjoy in Ireland?

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Midsummer Festival 

A collection of music, theatre and fun, this festival is one not to be missed. The acting company puts on different shows and focuses on different literature so expect things such as Shakespeare. A great and unique event perfect for anyone who loves the arts. 


Galway Race Week

If you love to attend horse races then Galway Race week is the event you need to put into your calendar. It takes place at the end of July and promises not only live racing but plenty of fun and entertainment in the evening and throughout the week-long festival. 


Tullamore Show

Sometimes you just can’t resist a good farmers’ show and Tullamore Show is by far the largest and most popular one to attend. Here you will see horses and lots of different livestock being showcased. As well as food stalls and plenty of activities to enjoy. It usually takes place around mid-august. 

Puck Fair 

Puck Fair takes place in Kerry and is one of Ireland’s oldest annual events. In the town of Killorglin in County Kerry, you will experience three days of festivities. Pubs stay open all night and travellers sell their horses and cows in the streets. There is music, fun and activities and it attracts huge crowds each year. Usually held on the second weekend in August it is one not to be missed. 

Cruínniu na mBád

If you enjoy a boozy celebration then look no further than Ireland’s very own boating regatta. The event usually takes place around the third week of August and is a real celebration. Taking place in Galway, this is your chance to watch the traditional boating race while celebrating the beautiful boat known as the Galway Hooker. 

Guinness Cork Jazz - Annual Events to do in Ireland


Cork Jazz Festival 

Usually taking place towards the end of October The Cork Jazz Festival is a highlight for anyone who enjoys, not only Jazz music but the chance to experience live music in a different way. There is a real mix of wild nights, wonderful music, and a chance to witness talent from all over the world. Plus the vent is sponsored by Guinness so you know you are going to enjoy it!

Family Festivals 

There has been a huge rise when it comes to events that are family-friendly and while festivals used only to be something that you might have attended in your late teens and early twenties, you can now bring the kids along and enjoy live music and entertainment while keeping in mind that it is something the kids will enjoy. Here are a couple of ones that you could attend in Ireland. 

  • Kaleidoscope Festival – This is a family-friendly festival that has a lot to offer for children and adults alike. Plenty of live entertainment and the option to camp to enjoy the whole weekend. It usually takes place in June. 
  • Festival of Curiosity – This is a festival all about science and the arts. A great one for families who look to do different things. 
The Festival of Curiosity - Annual Events in Ireland

Christmas Markets 

Christmas is a magical time, and each year there are an array of Christmas markets that you can enjoy. The Christmas markets usually have various different stalls selling anything from candles and foot items to Christmas decorations and trinkets. You can also enjoy a great selection of food and drink. In Scotland, there are many different Christmas markets that take place. These include:

  • The Galway Christmas Market
  • The Dublin Christmas Market 
  • The Kilkenny Christmas Markets 
  • Glow Cork

Beer Festivals 

Sometimes you can’t beat a good old-fashioned beer festival and with plenty of tourist locations perfect for holidays, you can imagine there are many to choose from. However, you can find some of the best offerings below where you can sample craft beers and enjoy different options from all over the world. 

  • Craft Beer and Spirits Summit – Takes place in December
  • Fidelity Beer Festival, Dublin – Usually takes place in July
  • Big Grill Beer Festival, Dublin – Usually takes place in August

Hopefully, this has given you plenty of inspiration for some of the annual events in Ireland.

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