10 Things To Do In Bangkok, Thailand

10 Things To Do In Bangkok, Thailand

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Bangkok is an exciting city, with lots of activities, shows, nightlife and shopping. This is an expensive city for those of us addicted to fun. Most of these things cost money, but I found several things to do for Free! or very low cost if you want to treat yourself.

Things to do in Bangkok

Bangkok, officially known in Thai as Krung Thep Maha Nakhon and colloquially as Krung Thep, is the capital and most populous city of Thailand. The city occupies 1,568.7 square kilometres (605.7 sq mi) in the Chao Phraya River delta in central Thailand and has an estimated population of 10.539 million as of 2020, 15.3 per cent of the country’s population.

Over 14 million people (22.2 per cent) lived within the surrounding Bangkok Metropolitan Region at the 2010 census, making Bangkok an extreme primate city, dwarfing Thailand’s other urban centres in both size and importance to the national economy.

public pagoda in temple in Bangkok Thailand
Public pagoda in temple in Bangkok Thailand

Free Concerts at Siam Square and Paragon

Free pop and rock concerts appear often on the stage in front of the upscale Paragon shopping plaza and Siam Discovery. Enjoy Thai, Japanese and K-pop bands on a regular basis. I saw Shinee and 2 PM there a few times last year. Multi-group music festivals are also common at the Paragon. One block up, you can sometimes see amateur bands live at Siam Square.

Queen’s Gallery

100s of art galleries are spread across Thailand, and many in Bangkok are free. The Queen’s Gallery is several floors high and features modern art. There is a lot to see here. It’s located next to Democracy Monument and is a short taxi ride ($4) from any city centre hotel. Open 10am – 7pm (closed Wednesday). The entrance fee is just 20 baht (70 cents) which is almost Free. Near the Gallery, you’ll find a few other smaller museums and temples to visit, all within walking distance.

Kite Watching and Kite Flying at Sanam Luang

There are many places to fly kites in Bangkok, but the most popular is Sanam Luang Park, the giant oval park in front of the Grand Palace and the Temple of the Emerald Buddha (Wat Phra Gaew). You can watch hundreds of experienced kite enthusiasts flying some of the most amazing and detailed kites! This is right next to the Chao Phraya River and makes for some great pictures. It’s free to fly your own kite, or just enjoy the park and watch the kites in action.

A view of a model of Wat Arun, Bangkok in Mini Siam park in Patt
A view of a model of Wat Arun, Bangkok in Mini Siam park in Patt

Buddhist Temples at Thonburi

More than 800 Buddhist Temples pepper the landscape of Bangkok. Many of these are free to visit. For the most part, you cannot enter. However, you can view them from the outside and get some great photos. Soak in some incredible history and view the amazing details in the temple statues and ornaments. These are everywhere, so just point and go. However, crossing the river by BTS Sky train to the Krung Thonburi station will take you to the largest concentration of temples, in the area called Thonburi.

Go late in the afternoon, and stay until the sunsets. You’ll get to see the sparkling gems of the temples in sunlight, and then see them lit up at night. You can also book a boat ride through the canals for a guided tour of the temples, but such tours are not free.

Railway Market and Floating Market

There are lots of tours available and places to see via their Railway, these two Markets are unique and you can enjoy shopping at Damnoen Market and the Railway Market using a longboat for the first and rail for the second, a truly different tour and way of browsing a market.

Royal Elephant Museum

In Dusit Gardens, you’ll find several museums and exhibitions. The Royal Elephant Museum is a tribute to the great White Elephants. You can see the enormous tusks of ancient elephants; they almost seem prehistoric. Educational presentations and model displays tell the story of the sacred elephants and their history.

The Fish at Mall Bangkapi

The Mall Bangkapi is known for its display of giant prehistoric fish. They look like 6-foot goldfish and swim in a large pond that flows through the mall. Parrots and other birds also fly free in this area. On the roof of the mall, you can swim and enjoy a giant twisting water slide.

Don’t worry if you forgot your swimsuit, they sell them right there. After all, this, browse through the many outdoor markets that surround this complex. This area is on the east edge of the city, so a taxi will cost about $9 and take half an hour. There is no English spoken here, so bring your phrasebook.

Two scooters in Bang Kobua Bangkok Thailand
Two scooters in Bang Kobua Bangkok Thailand

View from Baiyoke Sky Tower

Baiyoke is the tallest tower in Bangkok, at 88 floors (1000 feet). Check out the Sky Deck at the top and get a great view of the city. Afterwards, you can enjoy a drink at their sky cafe. Open until 10pm every day. Getting there is easy by taxi – 10 minutes from most hotels, and you can see the tower from every part of BKK.

Free Traditional Thai Shows

Many outdoor restaurants feature traditional Thai dancers in lavish costumes. Even though you’ll pay for the dinner, you get the show for free. These are interesting and worth seeing. The dances depict the history of Siam. Ask your hotel for some of these shows in your hotel’s area. There will probably be one within walking distance.

Lumpini Park

Take the subway to the Lumpini MRT station and enjoy the wide-open spaces of Lumpini Park. Lots of lush green trees and flowers surround a beautiful lake. Take some photos of the large monitor lizards that live there. They’re dangerous, but if you don’t provoke them, you’ll be fine. You can also see some extraordinary monuments in the park, and there are paddle boats for use on the lake. Next to the park is a night market and some fun shops to browse through.

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