10 Things To Do In Buenos Aires, Argentina

10 Things To Do In Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Buenos Aires, one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, is renowned for many things, such as its safety, civilization, and authentic but comfortable Latin American experience. There is so much to do and possibly little time for it all, so the top 10 choices of things to do in Buenos Aires, Argentina are narrowed down to get your trip on the right track.

Things to do in Buenos Aires

City square of Buenos Aires
The Buenos Aires city square located in Plaza de Mayo

The Love of Dancing

Learn to dance, or at least try. No trip to Buenos Aires should forego dancing. There are many popular classes across the city, taught by those who really know and love the art.

Do the Tango

Among the most sought forms is tango. While one or even a few lessons won’t make a professional Argentine tango dancer, it’s at least a taste of the passion. Practising the unique style, how to lead and follow, how to navigate around the dance floor, and the vibrant music should offer a fun experience and a new appreciation for the art. If you have two left feet then why not settle for watching an Argentine Tango show and see how the professionals seemingly do it with ease.

Popular Steaks

Eat a steak dinner! Depending on your itinerary, the choices vary, but it’s not a hunt to find a good one here. Here, they’re not steakhouses, but parillas. The beloved beef comes from the Argentine Pampas, which surrounds Buenos Aires for 600 miles. Some of the steaks weigh over two pounds.

Municipality of La Plata in Buenos Aires Province, Argentina
Municipality of La Plata in Buenos Aires Province, Argentina

The Four Seasons Hilton

Experience the lifestyles of the rich and famous by eating brunch at one of the world’s finest hotels. The Four Seasons, Hilton, and a variety of other four and five-star hotels, with price tags too high for most travellers to sleep in, offer surprisingly cheap Sunday brunches.

Flea Markets

Go flea market shopping. With its past economic crisis and the high value of foreign dollars, especially American, bargains abound and they’re not cheesy souvenirs. Palermo Hollywood’s Mercado de las Pulgas offers a flea market that hosts cultural fare, as well as household items from glorious pasts of portenos (those who live in Buenos Aires.)

Waking through the streets

Take a long walk. Buenos Aires is a city, and a pretty safe one at that, to get lost in. Adventures, food, and people are to be found on both cobblestone and gravel streets. A daytime wandering is best, for safety and optimum experience.

The Iconic Evita

Visit Evita’s grave. More than just someone Madonna played, Evita is a goddess of Argentinian life. She is buried at La Recoleta.

Iglesia Pilar Church in Buenos Aires Argentina

Gaucho fair in Mataderos

Go to the Sunday gaucho fair in Mataderos. Besides the food, which you can tell by now is a huge selling point for Buenos Aires, there are horses galloping and live music.

Visit a Cafe

Visit an outdoor cafe. Coffee drinking and reading books outside is a perfect way for tourists and residents alike to spend an afternoon. Pick a neighbourhood, and there’s usually one on every corner, for that Cafe con Leche.

Shopping for the Finest

Shop for fine leather, fur, wine, antiques, and jewellery without going into debt. In some neighbourhoods, Buenos Aires may resemble Europe, but the prices aren’t anywhere near as high as Paris.

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