The Delights Of Asia And Where You Should Go

The Delights Of Asia And Where You Should Go

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When travelling we can all be a little short-sighted on the places that we can go and the experiences we can have. Sometimes it doesn’t take much to make us happy when it comes to vacation time. A great beach maybe, a lovely city, historical sights to enjoy, and good weather. But having said that, the world is a big place, and travelling a little further afield will give you some amazing destinations to consider.

Asia is one of those locations that perhaps people don’t consider too much. The middle-east as it is known, The United Arab Emirates includes locations like Dubai or Abu-Dhabi tend to be popular locations, but Asia can often be overlooked. But there are some incredible destinations you could enjoy, some ticking all of those priorities we mentioned earlier, some giving you much more than that. I wanted to highlight some of the delights you may want to add to your bucket list for future travel plans.

Visit Asia: Where you should consider

The Delights Of Asia And Where You Should Go


Singapore is one of those places that I think you should try and experience at least once. A city island that is also a country, it is definitely a marvel to witness. It is a global financial sector, with a very tropical climate. There are some great experiences to witness while you are there, Universal Studios Singapore and the Night Safari, to name a few. Hotels are plentiful so you are bound to find a place to stay. Singapore is also a great stopping point for other locations in Asia, which means you could combine it with other places you want to see and experience.


Indonesia is a South Eastern collection of volcanic islands and it is home to hundreds of ethnic groups. It is certainly a destination that might already be on your bucket list for one destination in particular, and that would possibly be Bali. Known for beautiful beaches, tropical paradises and fabulous accommodation options. Bali is beautiful, but Indonesia also has some other destinations you may want to add to your bucket lists, such as the Lombok islands, and even the rice fields. There are so many amazing places to see in this country, that you may find that few destinations pop onto your bucket list, but it will certainly be worth it to explore them.

The Delights Of Asia And Where You Should Go


Japan seems to be the country that is so forward-thinking with technology. After all, you only have to look at where the majority of things are made and manufactured these days and the answer may possibly be Japan. With amazing cities such as Tokyo, the island’s capital, you will be sure to find something to enjoy there. The city is full of skyscrapers and amazing buildings to see, but other destinations such as Kyoto may give you a slower pace to enjoy the Japanese way of life. So much to see, and so little time, that you may find that you use Japan as another spot on a list of destinations you see in one go.


Another place that happens to be very forward-thinking in terms of technology in China, and like Japan, many things we use today are manufactured or from this region. China has many fantastic landmarks to see, and not only does it serve some of the best cuisines in the world, but you also have one of the most iconic sights, the Great Wall Of China. Some people specifically go to China just for this iconic landmark, to walk alongside it, for pleasure or to complete some challenges that may have been set. Cities include Beijing, the capital, and there you will find beautiful buildings and lots to see and do.

The Delights Of Asia And Where You Should Go


Thailand is another destination that many people have on their bucket list to do, but some would say that it is one of the destinations you travel to during a gap year, backpacking and island hopping and enjoying full moon parties, but actually, there is more to Thailand which means that no matter your age, you are bound to enjoy it and fall in love with some of the most unspoilt beaches around. Koh Samui and Koh Phangan are two of the most common islands to see while you’re there. But you might also want to take in the delights of the capital, Bangkok.


India is another place that you may not have considered would be the ideal place for a holiday, but actually, there is so much to this big country, not just the beautiful cities like Delhi, but also the cuisine of Indian food which many people all over the world have grown to love and enjoy. India is also homes to an iconic sight to witness, the Taj Mahal, where there have been many famous faces who have sat for their picture outside of it on the famous bench. India is definitely a place worth exploring, and even locations like Goa can give you the beach and relaxed style holiday you crave.

The Delights Of Asia And Where You Should Go

The Philippines

The Philippines are a collection of 7000 islands in the Pacific Ocean, and the main island with the capital of Manila is one of the most common locations to witness and see. Much is very much unspoilt, with beautiful beaches and fabulous locations to see. It is definitely one for the bucket list, for sure.


Finally, the Maldives, a location that is possibly on many bucket lists, but did you know that you will have to visit this place sooner rather than later? Scientists and ecologists have stated that the islands won’t be around for years to come. One of the iconic sights to see includes the sea of stars, the sky and sea is so clear that at night, the sea looks like a sky filled with stars, as it does above. It is also known as a real luxurious holiday destination, so could be ideal for a honeymoon or a couple’s getaway in the future.

I hope that this has given you some inspiration on some of the delights Asia has to offer.

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