10 Things To Do In Bologna, Italy

10 Things To Do In Bologna, Italy

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Bologna is a hugely historical city and one of the more famous ones in all of Italy, it’s full of culture, natural beauty, historical importance and fascinating days out, which all makes it a truly wonderful location to visit, but what can we do there?

Things to do in Bologna

Bologna is the capital and largest city of the Emilia-Romagna Region in Northern Italy. It is the seventh most populous city in Italy with about 400,000 inhabitants and 150 different nationalities. Its metropolitan area is home to more than 1,000,000 people. It is known as the Fat, Red, and the Learn’d City due to its rich cuisine, red Spanish tiled rooftops, and left-wing politics, and it is home to the oldest university in the Western world.

10 Things To Do In Bologna, Italy

The Renaissance

The most important thing to do in Bologna is to savour the experience of a return to the times of your ancestors during the Renaissance. Few if any other cities can manage the authentic environment of the world as it was some 500 years ago. So start by just walking to the city center and explore the exquisitely kept buildings and other structures along the streets, cobbled and marbled as they have been since the time they were made.

Top Schools

The second thing to do is to visit the University area. Bologna has been a centre of higher education for the last 900 years. It continues to have top schools for medicine and business management. The atmosphere of scholarship is as appealing as the youthful ambience in the area pubs and cafes in the evenings.

An Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum is a place that you should not miss. The range of exquisite and invaluable artefacts stretches well beyond Italy’s own shores, and fills you with wonder about our incredibly rich past. You will feel your identity as a citizen of this world greatly reinforced after even a brief visit to this collection of treasures.

10 Things To Do In Bologna, Italy

National Picture Gallery

Bologna has been a centre of art since the 14th century, so stop 4 in Bologna should be the National Picture Gallery. It has a wonderful collection of masters such as Reni and will enthral casual and serious art lovers alike.

Basilica of San Domenico

The Basilica of San Domenico is a good place to visit after some quality time indoors. The site was originally established in the 13th century and has been restored since. The magnificent sculpture includes works by Michelangelo.

Margherita Gardens

The first 5 stops are all many centuries away, so the 6th thing to do in Bologna could be a relaxing interlude at the Margherita Gardens. It is a wonderland of peace and greenery with plenty of places where you can just sit and relax. There is a chalet on site that has pleasant and live entertainment, should you choose to visit during the evening.

Emilia-Romagna Region

The Emilia-Romagna region to which Bologna belongs is also famous for gastronomy. A 6th top thing to do in Bologna would be to have a meal with the special pasta, meats and sausage for which the area is widely known to food lovers.

10 Things To Do In Bologna, Italy

Leaning Towers

The city has 2 leaning towers that are a worth selection for visit agenda number 9. You can climb to the top of one for a panoramic view. These marvels are a tribute to the city’s glorious past as well as to its present-day diligence in maintaining such structures.


Churches are integral to Bologna and you have to visit at least one, regardless of your denomination. Services in English are offered during evenings and you can also visit one such as the St. James Church for its art frescoes, even if you are not the religious kind.


Theatre, opera or a concert should mark a highlight of your visit and is a suitable candidate for the last of the most important things to do in Bologna. It will reinforce your certain impression of the city as a place of great culture. Posters all over town announce attractions of the day and you can consult local publications as well.

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