How to keep kids occupied on a plane

How to keep kids occupied on a plane

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Keep reading for tips on how to keep kids occupied on a plane

These days commercial air travel can be arduous enough when travelling by yourself, let alone with the whole family. Long flights, delays, full flights, cramped quarters, it’s easy to see why you might grimace at the thought of braving the friendly skies with your little ones.

Tips on keeping kids occupied on a plane

Keeping your kids occupied on a plane might be your top priority. It doesn’t have to be a pain in the neck if you and your children are prepared. Happy children make for a happy, stress-free flight for all. Here are a few pointers you might want to consider to help keep kids occupied on a plane before hitting the airport.

How to keep kids occupied on a plane
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Let them know what to expect

First of all, make sure your children know what to expect. Aeroplanes and airports can be intimidating, especially if they haven’t flown before or very often. From toddlers to teenagers it’s easier for them if they are aware of the process. Explain the check-in and boarding processes, and teach them how to find their seat and where to put their things.

Keep the safe

If you are travelling with an infant or toddler be sure to bring their car seat. You would never let your baby ride in a car without their car seat and an aeroplane should be no exception. It’s just plain safer and your child is familiar with being in their seat and will behave much better. This will also keep your child right where they should be, in the seat next to you and not jumping on the tray table or hanging on the seat in front of them.

Sit near the bathroom

Try to sit near the bathroom, usually at the rear of the aeroplane. Children will need to use the restroom and sometimes the closer, the better. Plus if you have slighter older children who can take themselves you are able to keep an eye on them from the comfort of your seat.

Snacks, snacks and more snacks

Bring healthy snacks for the kids. You can usually count on the airline to provide juice, milk and water for them, but not necessarily nutritious snacks.

How to keep kids occupied on a plane | a girl lying on the floor with a suitcase and plane
Pointers you might want to consider to help keep kids occupied on a plane before hitting the airport

Tech for children

Bring your tablet loaded up with your kid’s favourite movies and TV episodes. Sometimes the aeroplane is either not equipped with video equipment or the movie they are showing isn’t necessarily something that is going to keep your child’s attention. Don’t forget to bring along children’s headphones – Not everyone wants to listen to “Dora the Explorer”


Children’s activity books (colouring, stickers, puzzles) should always be included in your carry-on along with crayons and pencils. Just make sure they aren’t colouring or placing stickers on the aeroplane walls which is usually frowned upon by the flight attendants.

For the older kids, technology is your friend here. Letting them play on Minecraft or Roblox etc on their tablet or phone will help them pass the time. Although you might be surprised and find them joining in with the colouring especially if they have younger siblings.

For the smaller kids, toys like dolls, small cars, figurines, etc. will give them something harmless to play with. Also, don’t forget their blanket. They may actually want to sleep.

You could let your child pick out a souvenir from the airport and don’t let them have it till they get on the aeroplane. It will give them something to look forward to. As well as keep them occupied for a short amount of time.

Ask for help

Don’t be afraid of asking the flight attendant for help. They will be happy to supply your kids with stick-on wings and maybe let them meet the pilots in the cockpit before or after the flight. They are used to dealing with families and will be able to help you get settled in as well as collect your things after the flight.

Hopefully, these tips will help you keep your kids occupied on a plane

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